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All New Demonstration Room

Our Demonstration room is starting to take shape.

We have a full range of Polishing machines, Hardness Testers, Cut off machines and Microscopes for you to try before you buy.

Please get in touch to book a demo of one of these fantastic machines!


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Spectrographic are moving Premises!

We are excited to inform you that we are relocating to new, smarter business premises on Thursday 29th November, so we kindly ask that you send any orders over by Wednesday 28th  due to logistics.


Our new premises are at Unit 4, The Sidings, Station Road, Guiseley, Leeds, LS20 8BX. So basically a change in the unit, everything else is the same. Please update all your systems with the new address from the 29/11/18.

Our contact number remain the same, 01943 879001 and you can continue to email us at

This is a great move for us, as the new building has larger floor space and a full demonstration lab.


Please contact us with any questions you may have concerning our new location or our services. We look forward to continuing to work with you, at our new address.

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Led Conversion to Mitutoyo AVK C2 Hardness Tester

Our engineering team have successfully completed an LED conversion to a Mitutoyo AVK C2 hardness tester. This provides you with a more in depth clarity of sample image!

Why not contact us for a quotation for upgrading your hardness tester 01943 879001

What we did…….
The unit has our standard led power supply but the variable resistor which is usually contained in the power supply is external to the power supply unit and is placed on the side control panel, in place of the original which is removed and discarded It is changed to a 500 Ohm variable resistor which needs the shaft shortening to match the other knob depths. The power unit is then connected to the transformer output and existing wiring to the lamp housing.

The power supply is powered by a 4 volt transformer which is connected to the testers mains wiring for input and the output is connected to the power supply unit. This unit has an internal 1 amp fuse.

The transformer is mounted internally to the tester with the led power supply secured to the top. It is located to the rear of the tester’s transformer and secured by drilling two holes in the tester’s metal plate base in this area and secured with nuts and bolts. Ensuring that the location does not foul any other part of the tester or the wiring therein.

The existing wiring is utilised to the lamp housing where the original lamp holder is removed, the wiring is soldered to the heatsink to which the led is soldered and the location collar is used to mount the led heatsink.

The led is a standard 1 W led bright white. The unit is then reassembled and tested.

The completed unit was soak tested for 2 weeks being on for 24 hours per day with no degradation to light output observed.

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Squadro Grinding Pad

The all new Squadro Grinding Pad to beat all others….

The Squadro Grinding Pads are an innovative design that extends fine grinding to single-micron grit sizes. It replaces conventional lapping processes, achieving superior results in terms of material removal rate, surface quality, work piece geometry and tool life. The Squadro pads provide an easy, clean and efficient grinding process.

The advantages of using such a superior pad are plentiful.

Precision graded micron diamond sizes

A narrow particle size distribution allows for both superior surface quality and the highest material removal rate.

Easy handling

The Squadro can be used on any standard or polishing machine. The mounting options (stainless steel carrier or self-adhesive backing) are designed for quick and easy changes of grit size.

The massive abrasive layer allows for long tool life, minimal set up time and low process cost.

Shelf sharpening

Squadro can be used out of the box without dressing. Thanks to the self-sharpening bond system, the diamond grinding disc does not require conditioning during the process to continuously achieve excellent grinding results.

Clean workspace

Working with the Squadro pad is environmentally friendly and clean. Cooling is done by water, no diamond slurries or lubricants needed.


Squadro can be used to grind a wide range of material such as steel, stainless steel, steel alloys, optical glasses, various crystals, industrial ceramics, ceramic seals and many other materials.

For more information on the Squadro range, please see Squadro Grinding Pad or call our friendly technical team on 01943 879001, who will be happy to help.

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Spectrographic introduces lucrative Galdabini mechanical testing equipment to its repertoire



Increasing demands throughout engineering industries has meant that companies now require an expanding range of equipment to perform material testing in its entirety. As a response to market research and various discussions, Spectrographic are mirroring these needs through its product offering.

Spectrographic have teamed up with the world renowned, Galdabini, to introduce an extensive range of mechanical testing equipment. As a family-run business dating back to 1890, Galdabini’s composition and core values match those of Spectrographic, therefore creating a perfect scenario for a long-term business relationship. This new provision ensures that, through Spectrographic, the UK engineering industries have access to equipment at the forefront of mechanical testing. Galdabini’s innovative culture combined with their continued investment into new technologies and techniques results in constant improvements in quality and efficiency ideal for any operation.

The assortment of Galdabini machines are realized to meet needs of industry and laboratories for tensile tests, compression tests, flexure, cycle, peel and friction tests on metal, plastic, composites, textiles, rubbers and components. Spectrographic are offering these machines with capacities ranging from 2.5kN to 2000kN, all of which can be supported with their SpectroCare packages of training, service and support. The ergonomic design and manufacturing of testing machines, fixtures, semi and automatic extensometers, provide easy-to-us and easy access for grips and fixtures, as well as a complete control over testing processes. The machines offer a holistic solution as they work with Galdabini’s ‘Graphwork’ software program which provides an extensive platform for analysis.

Spectrographic managing director, Paul Chippendale commented, ‘we are very pleased to be in partnership with such an established and highly respected brand. This extremely sophisticated equipment offers another option for our customers and by being backed up with a collaboration of supplier/manufacturer expertise, our new range provides a holistic package for a considerable variety of mechanical testing requirements.’

For more information on this equipment please contact or alternatively give us a call on 01943 879001

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Spectrographic launch SpectroCare: Proactive servicing, Continued support, and Equipment Refurbishment

SpectroCare logo


‘With tightening budgets and increased uncertainty, Spectrographic are launching a new system to actively aid companies in this changing environment. SpectroCare is a comprehensive metallurgical support unit that is tailored to, and provides for a wide range of operations varying in both size and complexity.’

2016; the year of political, social, and economic controversy. 2017; the year of uncertainty, change, and caution? As if Brexit had not sparked enough uncertainty, now with a Donald Trump President-elect, economic, political and social apprehension are all foregone conclusions. Broadly speaking, these developments will ultimately instil caution in both individuals and businesses, sparking a potential downturn that impends to become self-reinforcing. Spectrographic are launching a new and unique umbrella support system that counteracts the implications of these changes for the metallurgy and material testing and preparation industries. SpectroCare is a comprehensive metallurgical support unit that provides an umbrella of services such as; refurbishment, training and installation, and proactive service plans.

Spectrographic relies on its reputation built on three pillars; quality, value and continued support. With the changing macro environment, it is becoming more and more evident that the importance of continued support is vital. Several recent studies have highlighted the economic benefits of proactive servicing and maintenance compared with reactive. SpectroCare is an all-encompassing offering that can provide tailored and also tiered degrees of aftersales care that such operations require, therefore this support system acts as a harness to maintain and increase uptime and quality.

With the international political and economic environment transforming, the engineering industry is revealing a trade-off in purchasing decision-making. Quality and uptime are two vital components within the sector, therefore managers, engineers and general decision-makers are faced with the paradox of reduced funds, yet maintaining improving output and results. Therefore, a triad is revealed of contrasting strategies that firms can take in order to take the most successful route to ride this wave of uncertainty. This triad involves the trade-off between refurbishment, servicing, and purchasing brand new equipment.

SpectroCare is essentially a concept that realizes a recognition of this triad by way of providing a service that extends expertise, and performance of existing equipment. SpectroCare consists of a highly regarded refurbishment team that can provide a unique utility, whereby operations can avoid laying out large funds on new equipment by holistically overhauling current equipment. Loan equipment and incremental refurbishment means that SpectroCare can offer refurbishment solutions for operations of any size without halting or stalling productivity.

Managing director, Paul Chippendale, described this new offering; ‘the service and support element of Spectrographic is something we are excited to see growing. By ensuring prolonged customer satisfaction, the SpectroCare service and support offering gives our customers a go-to. We enjoy the troubleshooting which has resulted in a mutual positive between our customers and ourselves. It is important to get this message out there that Spectrographic are here as a metallurgical support unit as well as a supplier.’

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Machinery Make Overs!

Replenishment, Rejuvenation and Renewal

Our service department has done it again and this time it’s just too good not to talk about. We’re talking about equipment replenishment, rejuvenation and renewal, but minus the usual expense. As well as new equipment, Spectrographic offer a refurbishment service that is unmatched for both price and results, so we wanted to share some of our most recents projects, and some snaps of the results!

Buehler Metaserv Grinder/Polisher

New Taps, New Connections, Stripped and Painted, Cleaned and Tested, you name it, we’ve done it! 

This Grinder/Polisher has been brought back to this glistening condition after being brought in tired out and in need of some care and attention. Our refurbishment team has given this machine a compete overhaul, and we’re sure you agree, it looks (and works) as good as new!

Future Tech Vickers Hardness Tester

Optics and Display Cleaned, Stripped and Painted, Weights Checked, Illumination and Indenter Overhaul, Operation checked and Tested including a PAT Test.

As well as supplying an extensive range of brand new Future Tech Hardness Testers, we are always happy to give used equipment an update! Work on this Vickers machine such as cleaning of the measurement slides has restored its precise measurement and ensured that the results it is giving are back to the quality that Future Tech machines are capable of providing.

Struers Abramin Grinder/Polisher

Sample Holder and Platten Bearings Replaced, Disassembled and Painted,Checked and Cleaned. 

Again, more proof that for any machine, at any age, in any condition – we can come to the rescue!

So there you go – our refurbishing team can transform your lab from being a tired workhorse, to a glistening and rejuvenated lab back to its original aesthetic and efficiency. We can also do this for larger projects in a step by step way, allowing your work to continue whilst your equipment is being updated incrementally and if need be loan you out equipment while we fix up yours. To find out more please get in touch and even feel free to send us some pictures of your machines that are crying out for a make over!

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See September in High Definition

September at Spectrographic…

Make summer last with pictures of what’s passed…

Okay, maybe that’s a rather ambituous approach to prolonging summer, however September sees some big introductions at Spectrographic regarding Microscopic Imaging.Introducing:

The Lanoptik MDY2003 20MP Microscope Camera

This brand new 20 megapixel camera is our newest addition to our microscopic imaging range. Lanoptik Technologies Limited have revolutionised the digital imaging industry with its development of the widely applicable digital camera bassed on CMOS and CCD technology. Using a 1″ CMOS chip this camera allows the user a maximum resolution of 5742 x 3678 High Definition Image. With key features such as 64MB onboard memory and built-in ISP image processing software, this camera is suitable for a wide range of applications including Live Cell imaging, Brightfield/Darkfield, Histology, Pathology, Cytology, Defect Analysis and Metrology. This sophisticated peice of kit is backed up with the support from our expert microscopy team that will ensure it’s capabilities are taken advantage of.

For more information click here or alternatively give us a call on 01943879001!

The Lanoptik 1080P High Definition Digital Camera HDMI-200EU

Another freshly stocked microscopic camera is this HDMI camerawith key features such as; 0.5” CMOS, 2 megapixel high dynamic sensor producing a larger field of view, 60fps high speed refresh and progressive scanning to produce 12:12:12 high quality full colour imaging, exclusive core imaging processing technology and lots more. Click here for more information.

Our Managing Director Paul Chippendale described both additions:

‘they provide ideal solutions for industrial, clinical and life science research imaging applications. The broad applications backed by highly sophisticated specifications, mean Spectrographic can now offer imaging solutions that can not only by used by our wide range of customers, but help them push boundaries in their quest to explore new worlds in microscience.’

September’s Announcement…

Spectrographic and the AMRC Training Centre have formed a partnership to provide a new range of Applied Educational Technical Metallurgy Courses so stay tuned for a schedule of dates to be released this September! Both parties have a mutual understanding of how the landscape of the metallurgy industry is formed and how it is evolving, therefore they recognise the need for its employers and employees to learn and move with the times. The courses available will cover the following disciplines; the fundamentals of metallurgy, carbon and alloy steel metallurgy, casting processes and techniques, metallurgy for non-metallurgists, metallurgical failure analysis and prevention, non-ferrous alloys, and stainless steel metallurgy.

For more information email us at

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Spectrographic introduces Lanoptik HDMI Microscope Camera

Spectrographic has released a new addition to its microscopic imaging stock; a Lanoptik 1080P High Definition Digital Camera HDMI-200EU. Spectrographic aims to provide equipment of both value and quality and this new microscopic imaging device defines these. Lanoptik Technologies Limited have revolutionised the digital imaging industry with its development of the widely applicable digital camera based on CMOS and CCD technology. The company continues that tradition of innovation with technological and engineering advances serving the rapidly developing microscopy imaging and industrial vision market. This newly stocked HDMI camera has key features such as; 0.5” CMOS, 2 megapixels high dynamic sensor producing a larger field of view, 60fps high speed refresh and progressive scanning to produce 12:12:12 high quality full colour imaging, exclusive core imaging processing technology and lots more. Click here to read more information.


Managing Director Paul Chippendale has commented on their newest imaging device suggesting, ‘it provides an ideal solution for industrial, clinical and life science research imaging applications. Its broad applications backed by its sophisticated specification, means Spectrographic can now offer a camera that can not only by used by our wide range of customers, but help them push boundaries in their quest to explore new worlds in microscience.’

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Spectrographic releases brand new and UK exclusive hardness testing range from Future-Tech.

Spectrographic’s expert metallography research and sourcing team has brokered an exclusive partnership with Future-Tech, the internationally renowned manufacturers of Hardness Testing and systems. Sharing our key focus of value and quality, Spectrographic has found perfect harmony with Future-Tech and established an agreement to become the exclusive UK supplier for their Hardness Testing Range. Established in 1995, the Future-Tech Corporation produces and supplies Hardness Testers and accessories to more than 35 countries around.

Fully automatic hardness
Fully automatic hardness


From a fully automated Micro Hardness Testing system, to a fully automated multi-Vickers Hardness Testing system, our new Future Tech Range includes something for all your hardness testing needs. The FV-ARS9000 automatic Micro Hardness Testing system (as seen below right) is just one of the outstanding examples of the Future-Tech range.

The FV-ARS9000 combines the tasks of sample testing, measuring, converting, and documenting all into one automated instrument operation. All that is required is to load the sample, select your desired indentation pattern and initiate the test. This fully automated system performs the test, measures them and displays the results in an array of formats with its comprehensive statistical processing software.

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Microscope Camera Promotion – Let the cameras free.

A new initiative to help material scientist to make improvement to their image capture systems is being offered by Spectrographic, who offers a full range of equipment for material science.
There is such a large range of microscope cameras available, wouldn’t it be good to know which is best for your requirements?
We are pleased to offer UK university departments a chance to “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY”, this offers the free loan of a microscope camera for upto 4 weeks.
“Let’s look at your requirements and recommend a camera to suit your needs.”  Give us a call or contact us and using the request more information.

Continue reading Microscope Camera Promotion – Let the cameras free.

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Spectrographic introduce new range of Petrography equipment

Petrography is a branch of Petrology that focuses on detailed descriptions of Rocks. Mineral content and the textural relationships within the rock are described in detail.
The classification of rocks are based on the information acquired during the petrographic analysis.

The detailed analysis of minerals by optical mineralogy in thin section and the micro-texture and structure are critical in understanding the origin of the rock.
A slice of rock was affixed to a microscope slide and then ground so thin that light could be transmitted through mineral grains that otherwise appeared opaque. The position of adjoining grains are not disturbed, thus permitting analysis of rock texture. Continue reading Spectrographic introduce new range of Petrography equipment

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Moth Genitalia using a Stereo Microscope

We often get customers visiting our showroom to see our range of new and used testing equipment but yesterday was rather unique.

Most of our customers are from the engineering industry, but the range of Huvitz microscopes is very versatile for microscopists in other fields.  Customers are contacting us for biological applications such as plant life and we never thought we would be discussing the diplodocus dinosaur project within our showroom; this is a far cry from microscopic weld evaluation!!  We enjoy the challenges these new themes bring and the Huvitz range is standing up well to these unusual tasks. Continue reading Moth Genitalia using a Stereo Microscope

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Spectrographic’s Demonstration Day at The AMRC

On Wednesday 17th February 2016 Spectrographic held a Demonstration Day at The AMRC Training Centre in Sheffield.

A number of delegates came to see the HDS5800 3D Digital Microscope by Huvitz, and also Dr Manfred Tietze of New Sonic, who demonstrated the Sonodur 2 UCI Portable Hardness Tester.

Spectrographic also show cased its Metallurgical Equipment which is located at The AMRC. Continue reading Spectrographic’s Demonstration Day at The AMRC

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Spectrographic 4 quality assurance

Spectrographic Ltd have implemented a Quality Management System, based around the requirements of ISO9001. The system is customer-focused, and is designed to provide consistency of customer service through repeatability of process. It provides controls throughout the operating cycle of the business, from customer inquiries, through engineering and production to delivery and customer follow-up.  The system gives management a framework for analysing the performance of the business and implementing a cycle of continuous improvement.



The Quality Management System provides the following benefits to the customer;

  • Minimisation of defects
  • Improvement in on-time delivery
  • Increased levels of customer satisfaction

“This is a giant leap toward our accreditation and we look forward to the future” said Paul Chippendale, Managing Director.

The system has been designed and implemented by Neil Gatenby of NGQMS (Quality Management Systems) Ltd.

If you would like to know about our service information click here.

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Portable Hardness Tour

If you want to know more about portable hardness testing let us show you how good the Sonodur 2 UCI is.

Portable hardness tester systems are an important tool for understanding some of the material characteristics of difficult to access pieces that cannot be tested in the laboratory using a bench top hardness tester.

The most common type of portable hardness tester used is the Leeb system.  This uses the measurement of a rebounding ball to determine the hardness of a material.  Continue reading Portable Hardness Tour

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Demonstration Day February 2016

In 2015 Spectrographic launched its run of Demonstration Day’s at the AMRC Training Centre in Sheffield.  They proved a huge success so we are planning more for 2016.


We are able to demonstrate a quality range of material preparation equipment that includes:

  • Metallurgical OmegaPol polishers/grinders,
  • MetCut cutting machine,
  • Mitutoyo Hardness Testers,
  • Huvitz Microscopes including 3D microscopy
  • Sonodur2 Portable Hardness Tester


Dr Manfred Tietze, from New Sonic will be with us in February to demonstrate the SonoDur2 portable harness tester. The Demonstration Day will offer a wide spectrum of our current metallurgical product range.

Our next demonstration date is on Wednesday 17th February 2016.  We offer appointment times throughout the day, please contact to secure a place for your company.

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Spectrographic Supports GB Bobsleigh Team

Spectrographic Limited, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of metallographic equipment and consumables to the material science industry, is helping to support the British Bobsleigh Team.

faster with diamond polishing
faster with diamond polishing


Spectrographic, a family-owned business based in Guiseley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, has been chosen to supply a polishing compound, which is being used by the GB Team.
Bobsleigh is one of Britain’s most successful winter team sports. During races the team travels at speeds of up to 80 miles an hour, and the aerodynamics of the sled, the kit, and every surface are vital. This is high technology sport!
Gary Anderson, Performance Director for Great Britain Bobsleigh, commented: “We are delighted with the support Spectrographic is offering to the British Bobsleigh Team. The smallest modification or technological improvement has the potential to shave hundredths of a second off the team’s time, and help them win an Olympic medal.”
Spectrographic’s products and services are traditionally used by companies in the aerospace and automotive industries for preparation of materials for optical microscopy and routine metallographic applications. It is not the first time Spectrographic have been invited to work in a high-level sporting field. The company has previously worked within motorsport industry, and with other GB Olympic squads.
Paul Chippendale, Managing Director of Spectrographic is really excited to be working with the GB Bobsleigh Team. He commented: “Success is all about preparation, training and the engineering techniques used. Even the smallest performance enhancement has the potential to see the GB team on the podium.”
Find out more about Spectrographic’s products and services by visiting See the GB Bobsleigh team in action at

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Some like them USED but not abused

Could Spectrographic be your No 1 supplier of material testing equipment?  If you are looking at introducing a low cost, metallurgical testing facility we should be able to help.
Spectrographic specialise in preparation machines, microscopes with imaging and a full range of hardness testers.

We offer an E-Zee look up list for used testing equipment showing our available, pre owned metallurgical testing machinery.   Continue reading Some like them USED but not abused

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Spectrographic Holds Prices to Supports Customers

Spectrographic have been running as one of the most successful scientific preparation equipment suppliers in the UK since 1999.
With a showcase of new and used metallurgical machines and consumables for sample preparation in Materials Science, the equipment ranges from the MetCut 300 metallurgical cutter to the OmegaPol 2 polishing machine, Spectrographic is going from strength to strength. Continue reading Spectrographic Holds Prices to Supports Customers

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Dr. Manfred Tietze Visits UK

We look forward to the arrival of Dr. Manfred Tietze, Director of Newsonic on the 11th January.

During January 2016, Spectrographic and NewSonic will be conducting a series of application workshops across the Midlands to promote the SonoDur2 portable hardness tester, which combines portability, precision and accuracy of hardness results.

The SonoDur2 portable hardness tester is an effective and reliable portable hardness testing system with Vickers output.  The  SonoDur2 system provides extremely precise results in line with those expected from laboratory systems.  It is based on mobile technology and comes with instrument software and a range of measurement probes for different applications.

Continue reading Dr. Manfred Tietze Visits UK

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Did you get to the Demonstration Day

Demonstration Day – 24 June 2015

We delivered our first Demonstration Day yesterday at the AMRC in Sheffield. The delegates enjoyed the experience and we’re already planning the next two. These will take place on:

29 July 2015

26 September 2015


If you would like to book at spot then please contact We are also taking bookings for the Demonstration Days at mmc2015 so are expecting spaces to be filled quickly. It may be better to book early.

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Service to PRESI Precision Cutter

Precision Cutter

In 30 years of metallurgical experience I am always pleased to see the PRESI T201, a precision cutting machine.  Those who know me are familiar with our involvement with PRESI and their range of metallurgical preparation machines.  The manufacture is typically French, more Peugeot than BMW, but some excellent features and we had good times working together.

The PRESI T201 precision cutter that we have here at the moment was in a poor state and was considered unfit for use.  The problems of the machine were wide and varied but were caused mainly by poor maintenance.

This cutter has an automatic moving table.  As new it made a high tech noise when it was engaged but it had come to a point where it where it wasn’t moving smoothly, it was juddering along – not what is expected from a super precision cutter.  Another issue was with the Z movement of the cutting wheel.  This had stopped working.  These issues were rendering the machine useless.


Time to call in the “A Team”, Spectrographic Service team to the rescue.


  • Electrically drive checked – satisfactory
  • Bed travelling of runners – satisfactory
  • Play detected on worm drive feeder – unsatisfactory
  • Z travel not operating – Unsatisfactory

The machine is stripped down so all problems could be examined.  A new travelling nut was manufactured and fitted to ensure smooth feed of the vice bed.  The horizontal, vertical and travel gets greased and exercised.  Even the stop button needed to be fixed.  Well let’s hope it all now works!

When fully completed with a labour time of only 2 days, all functions of the machine worked perfectly.  There are some scratches to the bodywork – but it’s not a Rolls Royce.

Spectrographic offer new and used metallurgical test equipment, including sample preparation, microscopes and hardness testers.  All machines are offered with warranty.

Service work is offered including repairs and longer term serive contract support.  We don’t charge the earth, but guarantee great service.

Let us know if we can help.

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Microscope winner

We had a great time at the exhibition last week, meeting lots of new people and a few old friends along the way, enabling us to put faces to names which was nice.
If you visited the stand, then we hope you enjoyed the opportunity to look at the microscopes on display. The feedback we had from visitors on the quality, performance and the cost of the microscopes was very positive, and we even had the competition shaking their heads in disbelief when they came to look at them.

Microscope winner
Competition winner


Wednesday, was a really interesting day when we were able to demonstrate the microscopes using live samples such as newts and other pond life, which fascinated not only our team but the delegates too.

Thursday, was Paul’s workshop where we were able to show the Huvitz video, “Huvitz (Gangam) Style” which certainly seemed to get a reaction from delegates. Paul spoke about the applications that Huvitz microscopes can be used for and again we were able to show examples of these for the workshop delegates.
If you want to learn more about the Huvitz microscopes then come along to our next Demonstration Days.

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Come and See us at the mmc2015 – Stand 407

This time next week the huge exhibition at mmc2015 incorporating EMAG will be welcoming its first visitors and Spectrographic will be there on Stand 407! We’re right opposite the catering area, so you’ve really no excuse for not coming to say hello.

mmc2015 presentation image

The mmc2015 exhibition is FREE to all visitors. More than 100 companies are represented and there will be an amazing range of equipment and consumables on show with experts and specialists available to answer questions and offer demonstrations. See
We’ll be demonstrating (amongst others) the Huvitz HDS5800 high definition microscope, so if you want to look at this then please come and see us. You can even bring your own samples and we’ll let you look at these through the latest technology at a fraction of the cost of more well-known brands.

You can register in advance but this closes on Friday 26 June 2015. Registering in advance will mean that your badge will be ready on arrival. See

You can still register on the day but you may have to queue. Don’t put it off any longer, register today.

The Learning Zone is a fully-equipped teaching and learning area with its own lecture theatre. The programme covers a wide range of disciplines and techniques –

– Scanning Electron Microscopy
– Transmission Electron Microscopy
– Light Microscopy
– Digital Microscopy and Image Processing (ImageJ)
– Confocal Microscopy
– Specimen Preparation
– Scanning Probe Microscopy


If you are attending on Thursday 2nd July then our own Paul Chippendale is delivering a session at 11.00 AM. Come along and listen to him speak about improving your research quality through using and maintaining your technology.

Entry to the exhibition, the Learning Zone, and the exhibitor workshops is FREE for ALL visitors.

For full details of everything at mmc2015, visit

With more abstracts submitted, more conference sessions and more exhibitors, mmc2015 incorporating EMAG promises to be a great event. Make sure that you are a part of it!