Metcut 200/250 Laboratory Sectioning Machine

Automated metallurgical abrasive cutter offering linear feed with auto and manual functions. The 250mm cutting wheel can cut 50mm high and 200mm long with autostop and return in the auto mode. The machine offers recirculation tank and vices.
The floor standing cutter offer manual cutting, semi automatic cutting and automatic feed cutting. The base cabinet houses a recirculation tank for cool cutting and wash facility.
We like the quick operation of the cam lock vices with precision x movement to allow multiple cuts to be carried our without the need for re clamping.

    • Magnetic cleaning spray gun stores in any location
    • Removable filter cylinder.
    • Push-pull quick clamping vernier vice.
    • Main shaft comes with high precision bearings.
    • Automatic return at the end of cut.
    • Auto cycle cooling.
    • Magnetic lamp fixation.
    • Filtered re-circulation tank.
    • Movable control bar with the right/left vice - movement of 25mm in Y direction.
    • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual settings available.
    • Control button-simply, functional, long life.
    • Symbol with picture gives Clear and easy understanding.
    • Safety first with E. STOP.
    • Movable tank can storage inside or outside.
    • Tank with anti-drop, sediment function.
    • Water tank with quick connector.
    • Coolant level gauge.
    • Max 50mm with 250mm wheel
    • Feeding motor cutting finish and auto return (Automatic)
    • Keystroke or hand wheel control (Manual) 
    • 200mm (X stroke) 
    • 2500 rpm(50Hz) 
    • 2 cam lock vices
    • power supply AC220/380/415/440V

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