Labotom-3 Abrasive Cutter

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Starting off in need of a clean, a full refurbishment of the vices, a new return spring and repair of the lid gas strut, the Labotom-3 Abrasive Cutter was going to be a big job. First of all the machine was totally stripped to enable us to make a thorough examination of all the component parts, the stripdown also facilatates an efficient cleaning process.

All parts requiring refurbishment or replacement are identified at this stage. Effective cleaning of the Labotom was vital to both the accurate examination of component fatigue and to allow the machine to be painted to a high standard. Time and care taken at this stage ensure that the rebuild and painting will progress smoothly.

To allow for better viewing, the service team went the extra mile and fit an LED lamp, as well as providing a full overhaul of both vices to ensure they are working as new. As well as working like new it is always important to us that the machine feels like new. This meant fitting a new gas strut, as well as making adjustments to the return spring, with a new part. Once the Labotom Abrasive Cutter is working and feeling like new the final touch was to make it look that way, ensuring a full rejuvenation. This meant a fresh paint job on the lid, meaning the machine would look good, and fit nicely into any lab for the many years of service that it had left.

The following pictures show before and after the clean and refurbishment, demonstrating the vast aesthetic and functional improvement that is achieved with hard work, skill and the correct cleaning equipment.

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