Metcut 330

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Spectrographic’s Metallurgical Abrasive Cut off Machine

The MetCut 330 abrasive metallurgical cutting machine offers a good capacity for sectioning a wide range of samples for material testing. This machine has the ability to cut samples from a wide range of materials using abrasive cutting wheels and diamond / Cubic Boron Nitride wheels available from Spectrographic.

Sectioning of samples up to 80mm diameter with chopping technique and up to 200mm length using the lateral moving bed can be achieved.  The machine is available with manual or automatic cutting functions.  The video below shows how to use the machine.

The Metcut 330 abrasive cut off machines are used in the metallurgy industry as they offer a high quality cut that are required for quality inspection of samples for automotive, energy, rail and aerospace applications. If you would like to learn more about this machine please get in touch via our Contact us page or call 01943 879001

A full range of metallurgical abrasive cutting wheels are available for the MetCut 330 abrasive cutter.  These wheel are also suitable for use on Buehler and Struers cutting machines. If you have a requirement for metallurgical consumables have a look at our Online Store.