Struers DP10 Metallurgical Polisher

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The DP polisher could be considered a classic, it would only be Spectrographic who would restore such a polishing machine used for the polishing of geological samples or metallurgical samples. The Struers DP10 offers polishing of samples with direct load polishing cloths fitted to a 200mm platen. They don’t make them like this anymore!

Seized and clogged with dirt, this machine had definately seen better days! After stripping the machine down and a lot of cleaning, freeing off all bearings and the head weights, the polisher was looking and operating a lot better. Upon the completion of the refurbishment, the DP10 was looking good as new and ready for a new home with a clean bill of health. After all services and repairs are complete, we always aim to leave machines looking and operating as good as the day they first came out of the box. When your livelihood can hinge on the reliability of your equipment, Spectrographic specializes in keeping that equipment at it’s best.

Keeping up to at least a yearly service carried out by trained professionals at Spectrographic will help prevent a build up of technical issues with your machine and keep it working at it’s best for you. If your equipment is due a Service or requires a complete rebuild then please complete our Online Form for a FREE quote.