Spectrographic introduces lucrative Galdabini mechanical testing equipment to its repertoire

  Increasing demands throughout engineering industries has meant that companies now require an expanding range of equipment to perform material testing in its entirety. As a response to market research and various discussions, Spectrographic are mirroring these needs through its product offering. Spectrographic have teamed up with the world renowned, Galdabini, to introduce an extensive […]

Spectrographic launch SpectroCare: Proactive servicing, Continued support, and Equipment Refurbishment

  ‘With tightening budgets and increased uncertainty, Spectrographic are launching a new system to actively aid companies in this changing environment. SpectroCare is a comprehensive metallurgical support unit that is tailored to, and provides for a wide range of operations varying in both size and complexity.’ 2016; the year of political, social, and economic controversy. […]

Machinery Make Overs!

Replenishment, Rejuvenation and Renewal Our service department has done it again and this time it’s just too good not to talk about. We’re talking about equipment replenishment, rejuvenation and renewal, but minus the usual expense. As well as new equipment, Spectrographic offer a refurbishment service that is unmatched for both price and results, so we wanted […]

See September in High Definition

September at Spectrographic… Make summer last with pictures of what’s passed… Okay, maybe that’s a rather ambituous approach to prolonging summer, however September sees some big introductions at Spectrographic regarding Microscopic Imaging.Introducing: The Lanoptik MDY2003 20MP Microscope Camera This brand new 20 megapixel camera is our newest addition to our microscopic imaging range. Lanoptik Technologies Limited have revolutionised the digital imaging industry […]

Spectrographic introduces Lanoptik HDMI Microscope Camera

Spectrographic has released a new addition to its microscopic imaging stock; a Lanoptik 1080P High Definition Digital Camera HDMI-200EU. Spectrographic aims to provide equipment of both value and quality and this new microscopic imaging device defines these. Lanoptik Technologies Limited have revolutionised the digital imaging industry with its development of the widely applicable digital camera […]