Proactive Servicing, Continued Support, and Equipment Refurbishment

SpectroCare is the comprehensive metallurgical support unit of Spectrographic offering a tiered system of service programmes, refurbishment and ad hoc service options. SpectroCare is a new and unique approach to service and support, providing a holistic care for your operation.

Consisting of 3 tiers; Specialised, Select and Sustain, the range of SpectroCare Service Plans can be tailored to the specific needs of your operation and output schedule.

SpectroCare provides a market leading utility that provides a complete overhaul and refurbishment of any equipment. Loan equipment and incremental refurbishment means that SpectroCare can offer refurbishment solutions for operations of any size without halting or stalling productivity.

SpectroCare makes a provision for operations that require service and support as and when required, offering a wide range of ad hoc service options including bundles such as installation and training and application assessments.

Our Support services include:
• Product recommendations, advice and quotations
• Servicing, repair and maintenance
• Application support for preparation procedures
• Metallurgical image analysis
• Material safety data sheets (MSDS)
• Accredited training, seminars and product demonstrations

Download SpectroCare Brochure
Gain a full understanding of what SpectroCare can offer and how we can harness your operation.

Download SpectroCare for Microscopes Brochure
If your operation is microscope specific, view this brochure to gain a full understanding of how SpectroCare can be tailored to microscopy.

Why choose Spectrographic?

Spectrographic is a family-run business that provides metallographical equipment and consumables. SpectroCare extends our customer reach and support as we understand that aftercare is vital in such an intense and technical industry.

Put simply, we want to help. Customer care is of paramount importance to us and something we are excited to see growing with positive results for all parties. By listening and responding to your needs and discussing the wide-range of options available, we have developed SpectroCare to cater for all requirements and desired outcomes. We aspire to meet and exceed your individual expectations and support your business where we can.

At our customer support centre in Guiseley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, we run equipment demonstrations and access to our complete range of products and consumables. We also have access to a number of showrooms around the country where we regularly run training, workshops and seminars on new products and services.