5060 Polarised Light microscope


We offer a transmitted microscope with ergonomic viewing head and achromatic objective lenses offering a magnification range of 40x to 400x.

Polarised observation techniques are used for observations of thin sections of minerals, polymers, crystal and particulates.

The microscope is used for geological and petrology, applications.

    • Sliding Trinocular Head
    • Quadruple Nose piece
    • 10x eyepieces
    • Achromatic objectives (4x,10x,40x)
  • Magnification Numerical Value (NA) Focus (mm) Work Distance (mm) Work Type
    4x 0.10 31.05 37.5 Dry
    10x 0.25 17.13 7.32 Dry
    40x 0.65 4.65 0.63 Dry

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