ATM 300mm Triple Grinder

The ATM triple grinder is a floor standing grinding machine that features three polishing stations, all with a size of 300mm.
There is an adjustable water feed nozzle for each platen, allowing for water cooled polishing.


This has now been sold

    • Floor standing unit
    • Water inlet and outlet in rear panel
    • Corrosion resistant wash bowl
    • Flexible water jet with control valve
    • Manual metallurgical grinding
    • Water cooled grinding
    • Platens - 3
    • Diameter of Platen - 300mm
    • Water Inlet - 15mm
    • Water Outlet - 40mm
    • Power - 400-410v, 3 Phase
    • Dimensions - 1000x1250x700mm
    • Weight - 80Kg

    Platens not included.

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