Refurbished Buehler Phoenix Beta Grinder/Polisher


Buehler Phoenix Beta single plate manual polishing machine with 250 mm platen for the preparation of metallurgical samples. 

 Functionality: Excellent
Cosmetic: Very Good

  • S/N: 678-PXB-23466
    Platen: 250mm.
    Speed: 30-600rpm.
    Water: 8mm OD.
    Air: 10mm OD.
    Drain: 32mm OD.
    Power: 230V, 1.6A.

    Functionality - Excellent
    Cosmetic - Very Good
  • The Buehler Beta polisher is a machine used for polishing and finishing materials such as metals, ceramics, plastics, and composites. It is commonly used in materials science, metallurgy, and other related fields. The Beta polisher is equipped with a rotating polishing platen, which can be adjusted for speed and direction, and a sample holder that holds the material to be polished. The polishing process involves applying a polishing compound, such as diamond paste, to the sample surface and then using the platen to rotate and buff the surface to the desired finish. The Beta polisher is known for its precision and accuracy, and it is often used in conjunction with other testing and analysis equipment, such as microscopes and spectrometers, to examine the microstructure and composition of materials. Overall, the Buehler Beta polisher is a reliable and efficient tool for achieving high-quality surface finishes on a wide range of materials, making it an essential piece of equipment in many scientific and industrial settings.

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