Olympus BX41M Microscope

£5,072 £6,500

The BX41M microscope concept brings together all the capabilities needed for thorough inspection of a wide variety metallurgical samples. As well as excellent cost-efficiency, it offers a compact design based on advanced ergonomics and incorporating Olympus' original Y-shaped frame, and simple, straightforward operation.

    • This Olympus BX41M/BX41RF is complete and ready to use, it includes - Trinocular viewing tube with camera adaptors (C 5060-ADV & U-CMAD3) Eyepieces x 2 (WHN10X/22 & WHN10X-H/22) 5 Place revolving objective turret Objective - MPlan 5x/0.10 Objective - MPlan 10x/0.25 Objective - MPlan 20x/0.4 Objective - MPlan 50x/0.75 Mechanical stage with RHS co-axial control Slide holder Incident illumination source & intensity control

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