HD51-H Inspection Microscope


Zoom magnification up-to 365 x suitable for high quality image capture of artefacts for reporting, cataloguing and measurement.
Digital monocular stereo microscope HD51 H features unique optical system, precise mechanism, great depth of field and high resolution, which is a regular microscope for extensive range of application. HD51 is easy to operate with high verification efficiency, suitable for inspection of electronic industry production line, verification of printed circuit board, inspection of weld defect and so on. It can be used not only for microscope observation, but also for photograph, recording and edit, save and print images on PC.

  • Microscope Features

    • Integrated 5 megapixel High definition CMOS camera
    • Plug and play USB 2.0 connection
    • Excellent optical system with continuous zoom objective lens 0.7x~5x
    • High magnification 365x zoom
    • Dedicated measurement software
    • Special designed incident illumination coax light

    Camera Features

    • High sensitivity 3.5 megapixels CMOS sensor and 1080P digital HD Image display.
    • Avoid tedious adjustment work and directly change the operation distance through eye height adjustment ring (eye height effective value BFL: 11.6~36mm) and expand the original magnification ratio of the microscope.
    • 30fps high speed display without trailing smear for high speed and stable image transmission.
    • Under HDMI mode, HDR wide dynamic represses strong light reflection function.
    • Dual output HDMI&USB support photography/recording and real storage of SD card for onsite analysis and subsequent research.
    • HDMI interface can connect computer or displayer for observation, realize hot swap application and make output for subtle image quality and excellent colour rendition
  • Camera Specs Model - DM350 

    • Sensor - 1/3" CMOS
    • Resolution - 5MP (2304 x 1536)
    • Pixel Size - 2.2_m x 2.2_m
    • Dynamic Range - 69.5dB
    • ADC - 12bit, 8bit RGB to PC
    • SNR - 39dB
    • Spectral Response - 380650nm
    • Frame Rate - 30fps @ 1080P
    • Exposure - Automatic, Manual
    • White Balance - Automatic, Manual
    • Software Interface - DirectShow
    • Capture Mode - Picture & Video (JPG and MOV)
    • Optical Interface - Mini HDMI & Micro USB
    • Image Interface - Micro USB, DC 5V 2A
    • Charge Interface - C Mount
    • Operation System - Windows XP/7/8/10

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