Leitz Microscope Objective Lens

Image Part Number Price Variant Purchase Quantity
NPL 5x/0.09 LZ1 £90.00 NPL 5x/0.09
PL 32x/0.50 D LZ9 £100.00 PL 32x/0.50 D
PL 16x/0.30 D LZ8 £100.00 PL 16x/0.30 D
Plan L 125x/0.80 LZ7 £320.00 Plan L 125x/0.80
NPL 100x/0.90 P LZ6 £190.00 NPL 100x/0.90 P
LL 20x/0.40 (P) LZ13 £100.00 LL 20x/0.40 (P)
PL Apo Oel 160x/1.4 LZ12 £280.00 PL Apo Oel 160x/1.4
PL 160x/0.95 LZ11 £90.00 PL 160x/0.95


Leitz Microscope Objective Lens


Refurbished Leitz Objectives for a range of microscopic applications. It can be said that the quality of Leitz microscope objectives lenses are the best ever made. We have a selection of Leitz lenses from a range of microscopes. Some of the lenses available are the highest quality apochromat type.

More information is available for these lenses and advice can be offered to suit your application.


  • These lenses focus three wavelengths to a common focus almost totally removing axial chromatic aberration.

  • They have a higher NA than semi apochromats and produce the highest quality images.

  • A problem with both apochromats and semi apochromats is a pronounced field curvature requiring constant refocusing to ensure a sharp image.

  • This situation is not acceptable for video capture of images and in most cases plan objectives are used to provide correction in most categories.


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