M Shot MD30 Microscope Camera WIN10


CMOS Camera MD30 is a microscope camera and software , a colour CMOS sensor in 3 megapixels. It can be connected to any standard trinocular bio-microscope, stereo microscope and metallurgical microscope to achieve convenience microscope imaging. With advantages of high transmission speed, good colour rendition, clear image and easy storage, etc. MD30 CMOS microscope camera is widely used in the field of microscopy for industrial quality management, teaching, material analysis, clinical examination and machine vision, etc. This digital camera  makes the complex work become easy, interesting and can be finished efficiently.

    • Features

      • Hi-speed USB2.0 data interface, up to 480Mb/s;
      • Real 3.0 megapixel progressive scanning colour CMOS sensor, no compression, no interpolation;
      • Wide dynamic range, supports static image capture (JPG, BMP);
      • Plug and play, no need of external power supply;
      • Support standard C-mount lenses and all kinds of customized lenses, rigid and durable aluminum shell.



      • Capture image under high clarity, good color reproduction. Automatic mode control of exposure time, white balance, contrast, brightness, saturation and chromaticity.
      • Plug and play, easy to connect by USB2.0 data interface. Without need to additional acquisition devices, can achieve real-time uncompressed images. By Mshot microscope imaging software, you can capture and preview image at the same time with microscope. 
      • Dynamic recording function support compressed format video to store easily.

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