MDY603-C 6.3MP Microscope Camera

The 6.3 megapixel camera MDY603-C is a compact version of the MDY603. This was designed as a replacement of MCX501 which is discontinued. Equipped with 1/1.8 inch Sony CMOS sensor, MDY603-C utilizes USB 3.0 interface. Thanks to 64 Mb built-in buffer memory, the camera can stably run at 30 frame per second at full resolution. Featuring with low noise, excellent color reproduction, high frame rate, its excellent performance makes it perfect for the applications such as microscopy, medical engineering, quality assurance and material analysis.

  • The MDY603-C Microscope Camera system offers a range of digital camera options that are ideal for use in any laboratory, offering superior image quality and colour reproduction. The MDY range of microscope advanced cameras are used in material science, semi conductor applications for documenting and archiving of important microscopy work. 

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