Refurbished Olympus MX50A

High performance microscope
Objective  5x,10x,20x,50x, 
Automated objective turret
Super widefield  Microscope eyepieces 
Ergonomic viewing trinocular head

Large stage with floating and mechanical movement control

  • Five Position Motorized Turret with the Following Objective Lenses:
    OLYMPUS MPlanFl N 5X/0.15 BD
    OLYMPUS UMPlanFl 10X/0.30 BD
    OLYMPUS LMPlanFl 20X/0.40 BD
    OLYMPUS LMPlanFl 50X /0.50 BD
    OLYMPUS  Ergonomic Trinocular Head with 26mm OLYMPUS WH10X Eyepieces

    Specimen Stage with 150mm X 150mm XY Travel
    Rotating wafer holder
    OLYMPUS Lamp House with fibre optic feed

  • Wafer inspection microscope

    The Olympus MX50A microscope is designed for both reflected and transmitted illumination, offering versatility for various microscopy techniques. It supports reflected light brightfield, darkfield, and DIC, as well as transmitted brightfield illumination. The trinocular head provides a super widefield view with a tilt range of 5 to 35 degrees, delivering an erect image. The super widefield focusing eyepieces offer a 26.5mm field of view.

    The reflected light illuminator is powered by a 100-watt lamphouse, featuring settings for both brightfield and darkfield. For Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) microscopy, it is equipped with an AX-PO polarizer, U-AN360 analyzer, and U-DICR prism. The microscope includes a 6-position motorized nosepiece, which can be operated using the objective changer on the microscope frame or the external U-HS hand controller.

    The large XY stage accommodates wafers up to 200mm and can be operated with either the XY stage stalk or a quick stage grip with a built-in clutch. The stage measures 8" x 6". The microscope comes with a range of objective lenses, including UMPlanFL BD 5x, UMPlanFL BD 10x, and LMPlanFL BD lenses with magnifications of 20x, 50x, and 100x. This refurbished unit has been fully serviced and comes with a warranty.

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