Nikon Microscope Objective Lens

Image Part Number Price Variant Purchase Quantity
BD Plan 20x/0.40 N4 £200.00 BD Plan 20x/0.40
BD Plan 40x/0.65 N3 £80.00 BD Plan 40x/0.65
E Plan Epi 10x/0.25 N1 £120.00 E Plan Epi 10x/0.25


Nikon Microscope Objective Lens


Refurbished Nikon Objectives for reflected light microscopy

Objectives for the optiphot and epiphot and other Nikon microscopes of similar age, for example “BDPlan”, in front of the magnification are offered to support older microscopes and for special applications.


These lenses are corrected for axial chromatic aberration for two wavelengths

  • One in the blue and one in the red;

  • The light from these wavelengths is brought to a common focal point.

  • Although the chromatic aberration is corrected a fringe of colour around contrasting objects are produced at a certain plane of focus.

  • Although this is not a problem in teaching microscopes it can be resolved by using plan achromats that are calculated to have a flat field.

We have a large range of high quality metallurgical type objective lenses for Nikon and compatible microscopes.

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