Olympus DSX510i Inverted Microscope


The DSX510i is an inverted digital microscope that has been designed for observations and analysis of metal structures. The easy-to-use, all-in-one imaging system provides detailed analysis and reports.
An intuitive touch screen-based user interface and up to 9,000x magnification enables users of various experience levels to obtain reliable measurement and inspection results.

  • Technology that Reveals What Couldn’t Be Seen Before

    High NA — Low-Aberration Field Lenses

    With lenses that have higher NA and lower aberration than current digital microscopes, plus improved evenness of light intensity, the DSX510 series of digital microscopes offer high resolution equal to the very best light microscopes.


                   IC chip (Objective lens NA 0.4)                                    IC chip (Objective lens NA 0.8)


                   Bainite (Objective lens NA 0.4)                                    Bainite (Objective lens NA 0.8)

    High-Resolution 18MP Images Reproduced with High-Performance CCD*


    Zoom Optics Cover a Wide Range of Magnification

    Optical Zoom: Get Closer to the Sample

    The DSX510 offers optical zoom of up to 13X and digital zoom of up to 30X. A single optical lens can cover the typical magnification range of conventional light microscopes.


      Zoom in on the sample

    Two Lenses Can Be Mounted at Once: Nosepiece

    Macro Map: Always Know the Location


    A Variety of Observation Methods, Freely Usable

    Quickly and Easily Acquire the Images Required for Observation

    The DSX510 offers a variety of observation modes that deliver the highresolution images users expect from high-end optics.


    Choose the Observation Method with One Easy Click


    A click of a button delivers the required image on screen

    With virtually every industrial observation method just a click away, the DSX510 makes it easy to choose the right one for the task at hand. No complicated adjustments needed — simply choose between modes (brightfield, darkfield, MIX [BF + DF], Differential Interference Contrast, polarized light) and start creating high-end images that meet precise demands.


    Advanced image processing

    HDR: High-Definition Visuals Beyond the Human Eye

    Sample appearance can vary depending on quality of material, surface conditions, or illumination methods. One of a variety of observation methods made possible by the advanced digital technology of DSX510, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function, combines several images taken at different exposures to accurately correct brightness differences on the sample surface, delivering a more consistently accurate sample rendition.


                Anisotropic conductive film (ACF) on the LCD pattern


    WiDER: Easy Inspection of Samples with High Reflectance Difference

    Color Enhancement: See Only What’s Required


    Anyone Can Make Observations in Optimum Conditions

    Best Image Function Ensures Optimal Performance from Any Operator


    The DSX510 will set all the necessary parameters to achieve that image. The Best image function ensures optimal images, whether looking for defects, uneven surfaces, or foreign objects. With Best image, anyone can operate the system — beginner to expert — and it can be customized for each operator.

    • Zoom ratio - 13.5X optical zoom (0.26X to 3.5X), 30X with digital zoom
    • Number of attaching objective lens - Up to 2 pieces
    • DSX dedicated objective lens - XLMPLFLN10X, XLMPLFLN40X
    • Accuracy of magnification - ±3%*2
    • Repeatability of magnification - 3 n-1= ±2%
    • Embedded standard illumination - Bright field: LED, Dark field: LED
    • Optional Illumination - High intensity LED
    • Camera
      • Cooling method - Peltier cooling
      • Scan mode - Progressive scan
      • Frame rate - 15 fps/27 fps with binning mode
      • Image size - Normal: 1194 x 1194 (1:1)/1592 x 1194 (4:3)
        • Fine: 1194 x 1194 (1:1)/1592 x 1194 (4:3)
        • Super fine: 3594 x 3594 (1:1)/4792 x 3594 (4:3)
    • Weight - 44.1Kg
  • Capture Full-Focus Images or 3D Images

    EFI: View Uneven Samples in Focus Across the Entire Image



    With its EFI (Extended Focal Image) capability, the DSX510 can obtain a clear, in-focus image of an entire sample with one click — no matter how uneven the surface. During EFI, several images are taken while the point of focus is moved up and down. From these images, the areas where the sample was in focus are combined into one image where the whole sample is in focus, allowing precise inspection of uneven surfaces. Olympus’s EFI capturing speed is now faster than ever.


    3D Image: One Click Shows the Sample in 3D



    3D images



    Cutaway view

    With one click, the DSX510 can capture image samples in three dimensions, allowing examination from any angle and a view of the sample as it actually is. With detailed 3D images, sample features or unevenness can be viewed and measured. Height differences and volume can also be measured, making it easier to accurately analyze the sample.


    Live Panorama Capturing Covers Large Areas Fast

    There is no longer such a problem as “outside the field of view.” With Live panorama, simply move the observation position on the screen, and the motorized stage will move the sample to that position. As the stage moves, the system automatically stitches images into a large single field of view, in real time.


    Auto Panorama: One Click Captures a Large Field of View

    Simply put the sample on the stage, and start the process with one click. The stage moves in a spiral and the feature captures the required area automatically.


    Manual Panorama: Prioritize a Required Area


    Automatic Stitching Gives High Quality, High Value-Added Image

    High Quality Panorama

    Set the number of images, the length, and the starting point, then start the image stitching process. This executes pattern matching and corrects shading, resulting in a high-quality and high value-added image.

    EFI and 3D Image Capturing

    High quality panorama capability can be coordinated with EFI and 3D image capturing as well. The ability to capture images across a wide area, show uneven surfaces in full focus, and produce 3D images means the data exceeds that of ordinary digital microscopes.


    Improved Algorithms for Pattern Matching and Shading Correction


    Large Amounts of Data Automatically Captured

    Programmed Recipes: Automatically Capture Independent Points

    Through a convenient programmed recipe function, the DSX510 can automatically capture images of several registered points with autofocus.



  • Advanced Technology Supports Precise Measurement

    Accuracy and Repeatability Guaranteed

    The DSX510 delivers precise and repeatable measurements, with accuracy traceable to national standards.

    • To guarantee XY accuracy, calibration work must be undertaken by Olympus’s dedicated service staff
    • To issue certificates, calibration work must be undertaken by Olympus’s dedicated service staff

    *Differs according to national and regional statutes

    Guaranteed Z Measurement Repeatability

    With the DSX510, repeatability of Z measurement is guaranteed (DSX510 only).

    The DSX510 Features Telecentric Optics


    Ample Measurement Functions

    The Features Required to Ensure Optimal Measurement Results

    All fundamental industrial microscope measurement capabilities are standard features of DSX510 software, making it easy to obtain optimal measurement results. Optional software is available for 3D measurement, caliper measurement, and particle analysis.


       Area/Volume                   Caliper                               Step                              Live measurement


       Particle                               Line roughness               Surface roughness          Geometric


    A Higher Level of Measurement and Analysis

    Automate Measurement with a Simple Wizard Function

    Using the simple wizard function of DSX510, many measurement processes can be easily automated. Once an image is created, the measurement wizard can run automatically or the wizard can also be connected to an automatic image capturing wizard, further automating the imaging and measurement process.


     Measurement wizard

    Advanced Material Analysis with OLYMPUS Stream

  • Main frameZoom ratio 13.5X optical zoom (0.26X to 3.5X), 30X with digital zoom
     Number of attaching objective lenses up to 2 pieces
     DSX dedicated objective lens XLMPLFLN10X, XLMPLFLN40X
     Mountable objective lensUIS2 objective lensMPLFLN1.25X, MPLFLN2.5X, MPLFLN5XBDP, MPLFLN10XBDP,
     Accuracy and repeatability (X-Y plane)Accuracy of magnification±3%*2
      Repeatability of magnification3σn-1= ±2%
     Repeatability (Z axis)Repeatability of heightσn-1≤1μm*3
     IlluminationEmbedded standardBright field: LED, Dark field: LED
      Optional illuminationHigh intensity LED*1 / Transmitted LED
     CameraImage sensor1/1.8 inch, 2.01 megapixels, color CCD (total pixels: 2.10 megapixels)
    Total pixels : 1688 (H) x 1248 (V)
    Available pixels : 1628 (H) x 1236 (V)
    Effective pixels : 1600 (H) x 1200 (V)
      Cooling methodPeltier cooling
      Scan modeProgressive scan
      Frame rate15 fps/27 fps with binning mode
      Image sizeNormal : 1194 x 1194 (1:1)/1592 x 1194 (4:3)
    Fine : 1194 x 1194 (1:1)/1592 x 1194 (4:3)
    Super fine : 3594 x 3594 (1:1)/4792 x 3594 (4:3)
      SensitivityISO 100/200/400/800/1600 equivalent
     Focusing unitStroke95 mm
      Resolution0.01 μm
     Maximum sample heightDSX dedicated objective lens65 mm
      UIS2 objective lens95 mm
    StageMotorized stageModelDSX-UFSSU
      Stroke100 x 100 mm
      Load capacity3 kg
     Manual stageModelDSX-SFR
      Stroke100 x 100 mm
      Load capacity1 kg
    LCD monitorSize 23” with touch panel and Full HD color LCD monitor
     Resolution 1920 (H) x 1080 (V)
    Weight(Main frame, Motorized stage, LCD monitor, Control box, Controller) Approx. 38.6 kg
    Input rating  100-120 V/220-240 V, 300 V A, 50/60 Hz

    *1 Cannot be used with the embedded standard LED. *2 Calibration by Olympus or dealer specialists necessary. *3 Only if x20 or x50 objective use

    ** The OS license of Window 10 has been certified for the microscope controller (PC) provided by olympus. Therefore, Microsoft's license terms are applied and you agree to the terms.Please refer to the following for Microsoft license terms.


    DSX510/510i Series objective lens

    SeriesModelParfocal distanceNAW.D. (mm)Actual F.O.V. (μm)*3Total magnification*4
    DSX dedicated objective lensXLMPLFLN10XDSX*175 mm0.330.02,772-214139X-1,803X
    UIS2 objective lensMPLFLN1.25X*245 mm0.043.522,181-1,70617X-225X

    *1 DF and MIX are not available *2 Available for BF only *3 At aspect ratio 1:1 diagonal (with factory default value) *4 At aspect ratio 1:1

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