OmegaPol T 200mm

The OmegaPol T 200mm Metallurgical Polisher, is a manual system for material science.  A range of machines offering 200m platen sizes in single and twin base systems. The variable speed and robust construct make them ideal for manual metallurgical grinding and polishing.

    • Motor - 1HP (Variable Speed)
    • Platen Supports - Quick Release system for changing platens
    • Diameter of Platens 2 off - 200mm (8") - supplied separately
    • Water inlet and outlet in rear panel
    • Flexible tap with flexible hose to direct water to any part of platen
    • Rotation in clockwise and anti clockwise rotation 0-500rpm
    • Voltage - 220v
    • Dimensions - 455x765x385mm
    • Weight - 60Kg
    • 200 polishing wheel.
    • Varaiable speed 50 to 600 RPM.
    • Dual direction of rotation.
    • Water cooled grinding.

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