OmegaPress 2 Metallurgical Mounting Press

The OmegaPress 2 Metallurgical mounting press offers a fully automatic sample encapsulation system for thermosetting and thermoplastic hot mounting resins making it the ideal choice for sample preparation.

  • The electro-hydraulic unit requires only single phase and water to complete the mounting cycle. Cycle times are set to 7 mins. The slider closure allows easy ejection of samples when the automatic mounting cycle is complete. The closure can be lifted for maintenance such as changing the cylinder size, this takes less than a couple of minutes.
    • Automatic hydraulic operation
    • Sliding Closure
    • Mount size - 30-50mm 
    • Duplex Mould
    • Programmable 
    • Options for cooling system
    • Electric Power - 1800W
    • AC 200 to 240 volts
    • Dimensions - 410x600x500mm
    • Weight - 54Kg
    • Duplex mould facility
    • Easy to change the cylinder size
    • Rapid cycle time set at 7 minutes
    • Pressure and time can be set
    • Cooling set to required temperature.
    • Sliding closure

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