Photonic PL3000 - 150W fibre optics cold light illuminator


Cold-light illumination system for connecting ring light and Swan neck light guides, included in the package. Stepless illumination control, able to fit a filter. Photonic Optics PL range of cold light sources combined with sophisticated fibre-optic light guides meet the demands for the precision optical instruments used in industry, science, medicine, criminology and materials testing. This is a used unit in excellent condition.


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    High performance illumination system offering professional levels of light for material inspection using a stereo microscope system.

    Optimal light output, electronic brightness control, maximum cost effectiveness, ventilator-cooled light source

    Light intensity max. (entrance): 26 Mlx, Rating: 150 W, Input: 190 VA, Intensity control: Infinitely variable, Colour temperature: 3250 K, - At turbo setting with daylight filter: 5400 K, Lamp life at max. standard setting: 1500 h, Lamp life at max. turbo setting: 200 h



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