PreciCut 2000

The PreciCut 2000 precision cutting machine uses a diamond wheel and is well established in the materials laboratory for cutting and sectioning a wide variety of small and delicate samples particularly when the material structure is not homogeneous. A range of parameters can be set to optimise cutting performance and with a wide range of accessories it is able to handle difficult samples or use the flat bed cutting accessory for the sectioning of carbon fibre panels. Section of difficult shaped samples can be addressed using special clamping options and optimising the cutter parameters. The feature packed machine gives great versatility in cutting various samples from metals to ceramics in a range of hardness and sizes.

    • Rotary button.
    • Colour panel.
    • Picture symbol, easy and clear.
    • E STOP, safety first.
    • Adjustable rotation speed, suitable for various samples.
    • Double balanced load to give controlled load feed.
    • Double balanced load to give optimum parameter control.
    • Flatbed cutting accessory to allow guided long cuts of sheet type material.
    • Range of sample holder vices to accommodate all sample types.
    • Guard for flatbed cutting to ensure safe cutting for the operator.
    • Horizontal wheel/clamp
    • Cutting unit precision display directly display on touch panel.
    • Cutting thickness unit: metric/imperial system
    • Minimum display precision - 0.01mm
    • Clamp horizontal movement distance - 40mm
    • Coolant tray
    • Fast cleaning and easy removal of cut sample
    • Dressing chuck
    • Standard function
    • Standard perforated plate
    • To avoid sample dropping into tank
  • Motor power120W
    Max Sample SizeMax. ø 50mm
    Cut-off Wheel75-175mm
    Loading pressure0~700g
    Minimum Display0.01mm
    Coolant tank capacity1L
    Horizontal movement40mm
    Clamp typeSingle clamp- Long type kit
    Rotational speed0~2000 RPM (effective Min:150 RPM)
    Cutting MethodRocker arm, automatic home point return after cutting
    Machine dimension570x620x450mm
    Machine weight (Kg)43 Kg
    Power supplyAC110v / 200v
    Standard accessoriescoolant 1L, standard clamp*1
    OptionSpecial clamp, Table saw section

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