Refurbished ATM Opal 410

The Opal 410 is a great compact mounting press produced by ATM. It has been fully refurbished by the expert engineers at Spectrographic.

The metallurgical mounting press is used by the materials scientist for encapsulation of samples to aid metallurgical sample preparation. Producing mounts in thermosetting and thermoplastic material gives flatter polished samples and good edges for evaluation of coatings and surface features. A wide range of mounting resins are available to offer conductive, clear, colour coding and super edge mounting to improve metallurgical preparation.


    • Mould Assembly Size - 40mm
    • Set Temperature Range - 0-200
    • Cooling Set Temperature Range - timed 0-30 mins
    • Pressure Range - 0-4bar
    • Display/Timer - digital/ manual 0-30mins
    • Machine Function - auto
    • Water Function - auto
    • Water connection size - 1/2" bsp
    • Drain connection size - 1/2" bsp
    • Power - mains 13 amp
    • Dimensions - 350x450x350mm
    • Weight - 25kg

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