Refurbished PC60 / Precicut 5000


 The PC60 or Presicut 5000 is a precision cutting saw that has been made to section various types of metal and leaving very minimal deformation.  It offers automated cutting of sections with parameter controlled cutting and coolant system

  • PRECICUT S5000 Precision cutter is suitable for cutting metal, electronic components, ceramic materials, crystals, carbides, rock samples, ore samples, concrete, organic materials, biological materials (teeth, bone) and other materials for precise cutting without distortion.

    The machine can be used for continuous sheet cutting; it has high positioning accuracy; built-in cooling system; pre-set feed speed; menu-driven control; liquid crystal display. There are two locations for clamping; nine fixed cutting methods, the user can freely define each required cutting method; enclosed cutting chamber with safety switch. Is the ideal cutting machine for industrial and mining enterprises, research institutes, and high-quality sample preparation work.

  • 2 Main Technical Specifications • Feed speed: 0 ~ 30mm/min (adjusted step length 0.1mm) • grinding wheel speed: 500~ 5000rpm • maximum cutting diameter: φ60mm • the largest travel: Y-axis 200mm • cutting sheet size: 200mm • cutting power: 1000W • power supply: 220V 50HZ • dimensions: 820mm × 735mm × 435mm

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