Stereo Microscope for Dissecting


Very nice condition stereo microscope with illumination, suitable for hobby microscope work or professional microscope inspection. The dissecting microscope is available from many manufacturers  and can all be used for science dissection requirements, and quality inspection such as the inspection of printed circuit boards, or other quality inspection tasks. Dissection microscope can be equipped with  both a top and a bottom illumination, each of which can be used completely independently or simultaneously of the other. Most often, the top illumination which could be LED is used during the dissecting operation. Dissecting with a digital microscope allows a live image to be viewed on the computer screen to allow recording of processes fro future reference.  This is quite helpful for conference or in education, where more than one student can view the dissecting operation. Additionally, in a quality control department a microscope with digital image capture can offer more conform for the operator can reduce time spent in quality control inspection.

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