Struers Labotom - Abrasive Cutter


The Struers Labotom is a desirable option for metallurgical laboratories preparing a moderate number of specimens or for sampling stations situated in production units. It is a simple to operate cutter and very little training is needed to operate. The ample motor power enables fast cutting and perfect, clean cuts.

  • The Struers Labotom is a compact table top model for abrasive cutting. When opening the large protection guard, there is free access for clamping the sample work piece and alternating the cut off wheel. The closing of the protection guard acts as a safety feature, allowing the user to start cutting but only when the guard is down.
    • Vertical clamping system
    • Front panel controls
    • Manual cutting action
    • Tilting cutting unit
    • Cutting Blade – 250mm
    • Cutting Capacity – 75mm
    • Motor – 3Kw
    • Power Supply – 3 Phase
    • Machine Weight – 40kg
    • Machine Dimensions – 600x530x370mm
    • Optional Extras
      • Vices
      • Re-circulation system

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