Struers Labotom 15 - Abrasive Cutter

The Struers Labotom 15 is a desirable option for metallurgical laboratories preparing a moderate number of specimens or for sampling stations situated in production units. It is a simple to operate cutter and very little training is needed to operate. The ample motor power enables fast cutting and perfect, clean cuts.
There are only three buttons on the control panel. Start, Stop and Flush. This increases the ease of use when cutting samples with the Labotom 15. A 100L re-circulation tank is included with the Labotom 15. Twin vices are not included.

    • Flexible LED – A powerful and flexible LED light gives the user a clear view of the cutting table while also being able to adjust it to their preference.
    • Simple control panel
    • It has a big cutting table, allowing for large samples to be cut.
    • Ergonomic cutting handle
    • Safety lock
    • External 100L re-circulation tank included
    • Vices not included
    • Arbor Size - 32mm
    • Wheel Size - 350mm
    • Power - 3 phase 410v
    • Dimensions - 1086x877x660mm
    • Weight - 180Kg

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