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The HSZ-645TR is a compact zoom type stereo microscope with many options available to optimise inspection requirements.

The modular systems with a zoom ratio of 0.67x to 4.5x acheives a magnification range of 3x to 135x plus depending on set-up (eyepieces magnification and axillary lenses).

A choice of base with options of universal stand type is available to meet the requirement of difficult examinations. Illumination can be with fibre optic light source guides or LED right light system with segmented illumination ideal for observing fracture surfaces. The introduction of a high quality Lusis microscope camera and Panasis software gives advanced measurement and increased depth of field image capture.


Extra Info


The system using an advance optical zoom offering a magnification range of 25x to 200 x, with the addition of auxillary lenses the magnification range can be extended from 8 times to 400x.

Motorised Stage

The HDS system can be configured with a motorised stage with  linear scale, the linear scale offers increased precision accurate to 0.5 micron offering superior tiling and automatic measurement.


Imaging system Panasis 3D uses excel for producing reporting, this gives users the opportunity to design custom templates and export measurements and images, into a report which can be edited to produce proffessional well organised test reports.

Image Tiling

Images are stitched using the auto  function which can be programmed to capture multiple images into a single high resolution image. The system is considered to be the fastest and most accurate available.


The measuring tool are similar to those found in a of a confocal microscope. The HDS system with Panasis software 3D offers simple two dimensional measurement and interesting 3 dimensional measurement. Measurement of volume and depth can be achieved to offer surface topography analysis.

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