The Lapmaster Model 15

The Lapmaster Wolters Model 15 is a bench mounted unit with a heavy
duty carbon steel weldment base. The model 15 is ideal for engineering
workshops, where flatness and finish are of prime importance

High density, cast iron serrated lap plate. 381mm O.D. x 89mm I.D. Three high density cast iron serrated conditioning rings.178mm O.D. x 140mm I.D. Three pressure weights

  • Base: RotoPol-22

    Voltage: 220-240VAC @ 60Hz

    Phase: 3

    Power: 1260W

    HP Rating: 1.7HP

    Motor Speeds: 150RPM, 300RPM

    Rotation Direction: Anti-Clockwise

    Platen Diameter: 10"

    Number of Motors: 2

    Torque: 12.7Nm (9.4lb-ft)

    Display: 2x16 Character LC

    Controls: Touch Pads                                                                          

    Water Taps: 2

    Splash Rings: 2



    Head: RotoForce-4

    Voltage: 220VAC @ 60Hz

    Amperage: 1.3A

    Wattage: 165W

    Phases: 3

    Motor Speed: 150RPM

    Motor Horsepower: 0.12HP

    Rotation Direction: Bi-Directional

    Torque at Disc:

    Continuous: 3.9lb-ft

    Maximum: 9.5lb-ft

    Pneumatic Pressure: 73 to 95PSI

    Specimen Holder Force Range: 30-400N in 10N Steps

    Single Specimen Force Range: 5-100N in 5N steps

    Lifting Force: 20N



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