Zeiss Axiophot Fluuorescence Microscope


The Ziess Axiophot offers a high specification microscope for florescence microscopy. The Microscope is available with options on objective lenses and has 10x eyepieces and 100 watt halogen lens.
The microscope is in excellent condition giving good optical quality and very smooth for the mechanical operations.

  • - Multiple filter cubes for excitation and emission wavelengths
    - Objective lenses with high numerical apertures and magnification options
    - Motorized stage with autofocus and Z-stack capability
    - Digital camera for image acquisition and analysis
    - Köhler illumination for uniform illumination across the field of view
    - Adjustable aperture diaphragms and light intensity control


  • - High-resolution imaging with excellent contrast and clarity - Enhanced sensitivity for detecting low levels of fluorescence - Ability to image live cells and tissues in real-time - Efficient and user-friendly software for image analysis and processing - Compatibility with a range of fluorophores and dyes - Consistent and reproducible results
  • - Cell biology and genetics: observing cellular processes, tracking cellular movements, and studying gene expression patterns - Immunology and microbiology: analyzing the interaction of pathogens and host cells, detecting viral infections, and monitoring immune responses - Neuroscience: studying the structure and function of neuronal networks, monitoring calcium signaling, and investigating synaptic plasticity - Cancer research: imaging cancer cells, identifying biomarkers, and studying tumor biology - Material science: characterizing the structure and properties of materials at the microscopic level, including semiconductors, polymers, and composites

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