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See September in High Definition

September at Spectrographic…

Make summer last with pictures of what’s passed…

Okay, maybe that’s a rather ambituous approach to prolonging summer, however September sees some big introductions at Spectrographic regarding Microscopic Imaging.Introducing:

The Lanoptik MDY2003 20MP Microscope Camera

This brand new 20 megapixel camera is our newest addition to our microscopic imaging range. Lanoptik Technologies Limited have revolutionised the digital imaging industry with its development of the widely applicable digital camera bassed on CMOS and CCD technology. Using a 1″ CMOS chip this camera allows the user a maximum resolution of 5742 x 3678 High Definition Image. With key features such as 64MB onboard memory and built-in ISP image processing software, this camera is suitable for a wide range of applications including Live Cell imaging, Brightfield/Darkfield, Histology, Pathology, Cytology, Defect Analysis and Metrology. This sophisticated peice of kit is backed up with the support from our expert microscopy team that will ensure it’s capabilities are taken advantage of.

For more information click here or alternatively give us a call on 01943879001!

The Lanoptik 1080P High Definition Digital Camera HDMI-200EU

Another freshly stocked microscopic camera is this HDMI camerawith key features such as; 0.5” CMOS, 2 megapixel high dynamic sensor producing a larger field of view, 60fps high speed refresh and progressive scanning to produce 12:12:12 high quality full colour imaging, exclusive core imaging processing technology and lots more. Click here for more information.

Our Managing Director Paul Chippendale described both additions:

‘they provide ideal solutions for industrial, clinical and life science research imaging applications. The broad applications backed by highly sophisticated specifications, mean Spectrographic can now offer imaging solutions that can not only by used by our wide range of customers, but help them push boundaries in their quest to explore new worlds in microscience.’

September’s Announcement…

Spectrographic and the AMRC Training Centre have formed a partnership to provide a new range of Applied Educational Technical Metallurgy Courses so stay tuned for a schedule of dates to be released this September! Both parties have a mutual understanding of how the landscape of the metallurgy industry is formed and how it is evolving, therefore they recognise the need for its employers and employees to learn and move with the times. The courses available will cover the following disciplines; the fundamentals of metallurgy, carbon and alloy steel metallurgy, casting processes and techniques, metallurgy for non-metallurgists, metallurgical failure analysis and prevention, non-ferrous alloys, and stainless steel metallurgy.

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