Vickers Test Blocks

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Test Blocks are set out in load, please add hardness value in comments at checkout.  If you have any specific requires please contact the office.

Vickers hardness tester reference blocks are examined in calibrated laboratory and comply to the requirements of BS EN ISO 6507-3 2005 clause 3and ASTM E384-11 clause a2.3. Test blocks are calibrated on a standardising machine complying with the requirements of ASTM E384-11 clause A2.4 and BS EN ISO 6507-3 2005 having hardness scales traceable to UK national scales as defiled by NPL / PTB.

Hardness test blocks are only valid for the scale of which it was calibrated. It is recommended that the scale of validity should be limited to 5 years. For alloys of Al and Cu the validity should be restricted to 2 to 3 years.

Available in HV2 (ES10002-HV2), HV2.5 (ES10002-HV2.5), HV3 (ES10002-HV3), HV5 (ES10002-HV5), HV10 (ES10002-HV10), HV20 (ES10002-HV20), HV30 (Es10002-HV30) HV50 (ES10002-HV50), HV100 (ES10002-HV100), HV120 (ES10002-HV120).

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Vickers Test Block HV2, Vickers Test Block HV2.5, Vickers Test Block HV3, Vickers Test Block HV5, Vickers Test Block HV10, Vickers Test Block HV20, Vickers Test Block HV30, Vickers Test Block HV50, Vickers Test Block HV100, Vickers Test Block HV120