Halogen Microscope Bulbs

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Halogen illumination is use for research grade microscopes and many modern microscopes used in the field of medical and non medical applications.

Halogen illumination offers very  high intensity white light which can be controlled with the use of a dimmer.  Many different voltages and wattage are available and it is important to select the correct bulb for your microscope and application.

Spectrographic offer a comprehensive range of microscope bulbs, please let us know if you need any help especially with the hard to find microscope bulbs.

  • 6 volt 10 watt halogen bulbs
  • 24 volt 150 watt halogen bulbs
  • 24 volt 250 watt halogen bulbs
  • 240 volt 650 watt halogen bulb

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24v250watt haolgen bulb Philips, 24v150watt halogen bulb Xenophot HLX, 6v10watt halogen bulb, 240v650watt halogen bulb