Tungsten Microscope Bulbs

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Tungsten illumination is used on a wide rage of microscopes, otherwise known as incandescent light this is a low cost solution for microscope illumination.

The tungsten filament offers a steady source for illumination but can produce a yellow tinge which can adversely effect the colour balance of your microscope.  Tungsten bulbs operate at high temperatures of 350 degrees C.

It can be difficult to locate tungsten bulbs as there is no standard for microscopes.  If you cannot find the bulb you require we can look at converting your system to LED.  This can offer an marked improved in your microscope.

  • Osram 6 volt 5 amp
  • Carl Zeiss 6 volt 15 watt
  • Nikon 6 volt 30 watt
  • Olympus 6 volt 30 watt
  • Olympus 6 volt 50 watt
  • RS 2.2 volt 0.25 amp (604-848)

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