Miscellaneous Microscope Objective Lens

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Refurbished Microscope Objectives for reflected light microscopy

The objective lens

This is the most important single optical component in the system for it fulfils the following criteria

  • Collects light
  • Controls the resolution of the image
  • Controls the magnification of the image.
  • Forms the primary image

The objective lens requires a large numerical aperture at the same time as having a small field of view.

  • The Numerical Aperture (NA) of a lens is a function of the maximum angle of light a lens can accept from the object plane that defines the light collection capability of the lens.
  • The NA can range from 0.05 for low power lenses at 1.4 x up to 0.95 ( the maximum NA for air lenses) for dry lenses at 60X Oil immersion lenses can have an NA of 1.4 for magnifications between 40 and 100X.
  • A nosepiece of a typical metallurgical microscope has four objective lenses that are parfocal – ie. all have an equivalent focal plane on rotation of the nosepiece.

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Reichert PLAN Flour 20 / 0.40, MF80 / 0.90, Meiji S.PlanM40 / 0.65, Prior 5 / 0.12, Unitron MPl 5 / 0.12, Vicker 10 / 0.25, Vickers MicroPLAN 100 / 1.25, Motic LM PLAN5 / 0.13, Motic LM PLAN20 / 0.40