Olympus Microscope Objective Lens

£30.00£380.00 ex VAT

Objective lenses for the BH-2, BH and other Olympus microscopes of similar age, for example “MDPlan”, in front of the magnification are offered to support older microscopes and for special applications. We have a large range of high quality metallurgical type objective lenses for Olympus and compatible microscopes.

If you would like further information on the objective lens or would like a high res image to understand the condition of the lens please let us know, our office and staff will be pleased to help.

Available Options:


Location Service 2-2

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MPlan 1.3x/0.03, Neo 40x/0.65, HI 100x/1.30, HI M 100x/1.30, NFK 3.3x/L, ULWD MIRPlan 5x/0.10, ULWD MIRPlan 20x/0.40, NeoDPlan 10x/0.25, MDPlan 5x/0.10, MA 10x/0.25, MDPlan 20x/0.40