Olympus Microscope Objective Lens

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Objectives for the BH-2, BH and other Olympus microscopes of similar age, for example “MDPlan”, in front of the magnification are offered to support older microscopes and for special applications.

The following tables are intended as a quick reference to the letters that Olympus used on its objectives in the BH and BH-2 era.

We have a large range of high quality metallurgical type objective lenses for Olympus and compatible microscopes.

ULWDMIRPlan Metallurgical achromat for infra-red applications, flat field, ultra long working distance. Ultra long working distance objectives offer a large distance between the objective and work piece.

MD / MA Plan Metallurgical achromat, flat field up to F.N. 20

If you would like further information on the objective lens or would like a high res image to understand the condition of the lens please let us know, our Bradford office and staff will be pleased to help.

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MIRPLAN50 / 0.55, MIRPLAN5 / 0.10, MIRPLAN20 / 0.40, MDPLAN5 / 0.10, MA10 / 0.25, HI M100 / 1.30, NEO40 / 0.65