Colloidal Silica

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The colloidal silica suspension offers a sub micron polishing media for the polishing of non ferrous material. The solution is supplied as a concentrate and can be diluted to 50% for usage.

Best method is to mix the solution in a paper cup, pour plenty of solution onto the polishing cloth and keep well wetted during the polishing cycle. When polishing is complete rinse the polishing cloth with water and mild detergent, this can clean the polishing cloth and your sample.

  • Quantities 5 and 1 litre
  • Grade 0.07 micron

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Colloidal Silica 5ltr, Colloidal Silica 1ltr

Colloidal Silica MSDS

Safety data sheet for Colloidal silica.

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Colloidal Silica specification MSDS

Specification for Colloidal silica

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