Metcut 350 – Metallurgical Cutting Machine


The MetCut 350 metallurgical cutter for abrasive cutting offers a high powered motor, manual cutting action in the Z and Y axis.  The large T slot table is able to accommodate large samples such as crank shafts . The large cutting wheel upto 350mm offers 110 mm diameter cutting of the most difficult samples and long cuts through 100mm thick sections.

Aluminium cast base with recirculation coolant system offer sturdy construction and minimises vibration. The  FRP hood with large viewing window offer the operator full visual of the cut and allows for control of the cutting speed and pressure.


The  abrasive cutter for metallurgical cutting offers a cost effective high quality  high powered motor, manual cutting action in the Z and Y axis. The large  aluminium T slot table is able to accommodate very large samples for metallurgical cutting such as crank shafts for automotive applications . The large abrasive cutting wheel which is used for metallurgical cutting of upto 350mm offers 110 mm diameter cool cutting of the most difficult samples and long lengths with cuts of 100mm thick sections.

Manufactured of aluminium cast base with integrated recirculation coolant system offer robust and powerful construction to minimises vibration when used for metallurgical cutting. The FRP hood with large safety viewing window offer the operator full visual of the metallurgical cutting process and allows for operator control of the cutting speed and pressure.

Maintenance of cutting chamber with a cleaning hose is used for up keep of the machine.  When the cutting is ongoing and safety lock secures the cutting chamber when cutting.

The best cooled abrasive cutter for metallurgical cuttingat the lowest price

This is the most important part of the preparation of a micro sample as this is where the area of interest is removed from the main sample (replication may be required if the specimen is too big or it cannot be removed).
It is very important that the sample must not have its structure changed in any way by either Hot or Cold working or Mechanical manipulation, so care must be taken at this point of the sample preparation route.
The common types of sectioning are as follows:
The correct method must be employed for the material type, hardness, section and the requirement.
The most common type of sectioning by Metallurgists/Materiallographers is done by an Abrasive wheel (i.e. the Metcut range of machines) and the wheels are graded depending on the hardness of section to be cut (ie ‘A’ graded wheels for materials to 50 HRC, ‘AA’ graded wheels from 50 HRC to 60 HRC and ‘AAA’ graded wheels for materials over 60 HRC).
The size of the grain used is also an important factor, as this depends on the quality of the finish – some people use high precision wheels. The thickness of the wheel is also important. This can be reduced from the standard 1.6 mm of a 250 mm Ø to 1.0 mm. This promotes a good standard of finish and enables ‘difficult’ non-ferrous materials with a different bond to be used (i.e. for Titanium alloys). Another important factor is Cooling – i.e. a high flow jet or submerged sectioning.
The sectioning method commonly used for Composites, Varying Hardness, Brittle, Porous, Ductile and both Complex and Simple shapes is on Precision or Low Deformation saw using either resin bonded or diamond wheels. The resultant finish is of high quality and there is hardly any deformation, cracking on laminated sections or ‘plucking’ on brittle samples.
The use of a band saw and a hacksaw is now only used if the sample requires it and consideration must be made on the samples hardness, section and the finish required.
Once the sample has been correctly sectioned, then either the mounting or grinding operations can be started.

  • Cutting Capacity up to 110 mm dia
  • 7.5HP motor,3 Phase Motor
  • Spindle SPeed 2880 rpm
  • Wheel dia. 12″ / 14″ max.
  • Double vise design, cam vise option
  • T-slot table
  • Metallurgical Cutter
  • Sturdy floor model cutter for Metallographic sectioning
  • Rust proof Steel construction
  • Cutting Capacity upto 110 mm dia or 100 x 150 mm for standard steels (may not be applicable to all the materials)
  • Corrossion Resistant Cutting Chamber for a long product lifetime
  • 7.5 HP (5.5 k.w), 3 Phase Motor
  • Spindle speed 2880 rpm
  • Cut-off wheel dia 14” (350 mm)
  • Simple Control Panel with 4 Switches – Cutting, Coolant, Tube light and Emergency Stop button with Key and Safety Switch
  • Ergonamic Cutting Handle
  • Easy Flow Cutting Chamber
  • Splash proof, corrosion resistant see-through hood
  • Cooling by three high flow coolant jets to provide optimum cooling
  • Cut off wheel cooling system
  • Coolant Tank with 120 ltrs capacity
  • 65 mm drain for coolant recirculation
  • 1/2 HP Coolant Recirculation Pump
  • Flash cleaning attachment with hook for mounting
  • Fluorescent light in the working area provide clear illumination
  • Start button with key for safety
  • T Slot Bed: 400mm x 260 mm with 8mm T-Slot
  • Cam vise Set
  • X Movement 40mm forward/reverse
  • Y Movement 325mm ( Longitudinal sectioning)
  • Z Movement 320mm
  • Voltage: 415V/50 Hz (R+Y+B+N+E)
  • Machine Size: 1040mm x 1600mm x 1800mm ( LxDxH)
  • The large cutting wheel upto 350mm offers 110 mm diameter cutting of the most difficult samples and long cuts through 100mm thick sections
  • Control of cutting speed and pressure
  • The cleaning hose is used for maintaining the machine when the cutting is complete and  safety lock secures the cutting chamber when cutting.

As well as supplying a comprehensive range of new and refurbished metallography equipment and consumables, Spectrographic also has a specialist team of technicians. We offer diagnosis, servicing, training and generally an option to ensure the efficient operation of your equipment. Our servicing and support can be tailored to your individual needs by arranging a visit when and where is the most convenient to you.

Such equipment and machinery generally requires a yearly service in order to maximise accuracy, efficiency, quality and also longevity in lifespan. Our servicing encompasses checking of the machines functions, cleaning, adjustment of all mechanical, electrical, pneumatics and hydraulics, as well as the replacement of required wear parts and software updates. Finally, as well as offering tailored service plans, we issue a compliance certificate as well as a full service report for your internal quality records.

The service and support element of Spectrographic is something we are excited to see growing. By ensuring prolonged customer satisfaction, this service and support gives you, our customers, a go-to and, not only does it instil confidence in the product you have purchased, but also confidence in us as a company. We also enjoy the troubleshooting which has resulted in a mutual positive between our customers and ourselves. It is important to understand that Spectrographic are here as a metallurgical support unit as well as a supplier.

MetCut 350 Specification Sheet

The MetCut 350 is a manual large capacity abrasive cutter for sectioning of samples for microscope inspection.

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