MetCut 500 Metallurgical Cutting Machine


Automatic Extra Large heavy-duty cutting machine with Integral sliding door construction. Standard Y automation with optional Z automation. Pulse cutting, step cutting etc.,for burn free cutting. Preset parameters for consistency and ease of use.

**Please note manual option is available for this machine**

• Bed Wash and Auto Wash for a clean machine
• Door Safety Interlock System
• 3 Axis user friendly movement

• Cutting Capacity up to 150 mm dia *
• Powered by Motor 15 HP, 3 Phase motor
• Cut-off wheel dia 20″ (500mm)
• 3 Axis user friendly movement
• ‘Y’ Movement automatic with Servo system, optional Z automation
• Coolant Tank with 200L capacity
• Advanced PLC based Graphical Touch Screen System with Pre set programs
• Laser Line Marking System (Option)
• High flow Multiple Coolant jets (4 Nos)
• Magnetic Separator
• Paper band filter system ( option)
• Serial Cutting (Option)
• Fume digester (Option)
• Door Safety Interlock System
• Bed Wash and Auto Wash for a clean machine
• Table : 500 X 500 mm with 12mm T-Slot
• Power: 415v / 50 Hz (or) 220v / 60 Hz
• Machine Size: 1700 x 1700 x 1900 mm

As well as supplying a comprehensive range of new and refurbished metallography equipment and consumables, Spectrographic also has a specialist team of technicians. We offer diagnosis, servicing, training and generally an option to ensure the efficient operation of your equipment. Our servicing and support can be tailored to your individual needs by arranging a visit when and where is the most convenient to you.

Such equipment and machinery generally requires a yearly service in order to maximise accuracy, efficiency, quality and also longevity in lifespan. Our servicing encompasses checking of the machines functions, cleaning, adjustment of all mechanical, electrical, pneumatics and hydraulics, as well as the replacement of required wear parts and software updates. Finally, as well as offering tailored service plans, we issue a compliance certificate as well as a full service report for your internal quality records.

The service and support element of Spectrographic is something we are excited to see growing. By ensuring prolonged customer satisfaction, this service and support gives you, our customers, a go-to and, not only does it instil confidence in the product you have purchased, but also confidence in us as a company. We also enjoy the troubleshooting which has resulted in a mutual positive between our customers and ourselves. It is important to understand that Spectrographic are here as a metallurgical support unit as well as a supplier.

MetCut 500 Specfication Brochure

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