PreciCut 5000 – Precision Cutting Machine


Metallurgical Precision cutter for precise sectioning of test samples using abrasive cutting wheels and diamond cutting wheels upto 203mm.

With a rotation speed from 100 RPM to 3000 RPM the PreciCut 5000 is suitable to cut almost any material.  With easy maintenance and external recirculation tank, high quality cutter is ensured.


Metallurgical Precision cutter machine for precise sectioning of test samples using abrasive cutting wheels and diamond cutting wheels.

The PreciCut 5000 precision cutting machine offers full control of cutting parameters with settings for feed speed, wheel speed, coolant control and length of the cut.  The system even has a intelligent cut mode with monitors the cutting process and adjusts the parameters to ensure a high quality cut is maintained.

  • Control panel displays all parameters and is used for selection and editing of programs.
  • With an external recirculation tank and coolant bars positioned at the cutting wheel, very high quality cutting is maintained on the most difficult samples.
  • The cutting arm is used for the sectioning of difficult samples and offers X movement to allow slicing of samples to accurate measurements.
  • Various vice options are available to accept difficult samples.
  • Special machine control mode gives resistance monitoring and speed of cut control.
  • Emergency stop to completely close down the machine in the event of an incident.
T Slot Table 180 x 118 ( L x D) 10 mm T slot
X axis 40 mm by Manual
Y axis 150 mm
Z axis ( Verticle) Fixed  – it is not possible to move up & down
Feed speed mm per minute min 6mm per /min
Feed speed mm per minute max 150mm per / min
For automatic Y – movement only ( Table Forward / Reverse)
Automatic Y axis (serial cuts) Not possible
Opening on left side and right side Top open door system
Maximum wheel size 8” ( 200 mm)
Maximum cutting capacity 40 mm
Variable speed range 100 to 3000 rpm
Motor 0.75 Kw (1 Hp)
Laser Positioning Yes available at extra cost 20,000/=
Recirculating System 20L capacity
Arbour Size 12.7 mm / 25mm ( with flange )
Electonic control 5.7” PLC with HMI
Electronic travel measuring Y – Movement
Cutting Force dependant speed control Yes available
Automatic Pulse cutting Yes available
Step cut/ Diagonal cut. Step cutting / continuous cutting
Direct Positioning Via Joystick Specimen positioning via joystick
Current safety Standards We can provide Door limit switch ( If you need Door interlock system at extra cost ( 20,000/=)
LED illumination Yes available
Power Supply 230 V/ 50 Hz ( Single Phase)
Size 600 x 680 x 460 mm ( by door closed) L x B X H

600 x 680 x 850 mm ( by door Open)  L x B  x H

Machine Weight 105kg


Spectrographic Ltd introduce a new model of metallurgical abrasive sectioning machine for metal cutting for metallurgical preparation.  PreciCut 5000 is designed for the precision cutting of small to medium sized samples or components using manual and automatic cutting modes. In automatic mode the cutting speed can be selected and start stop positions set to allow exact length cutting to be completed and then the machine resets to the start position, for the next sample. The twin cam lock vices allows for the easy fixture of samples and vernier feed gives the opportunity to take multiple slices of your sample. An additional advantage of the positional adjustment vices is that small samples can be accommodated by setting the distance between the vices using the scaled adjustment wheel..

The machine is operated using a safety first low voltage controller, this allows speed of cut to be set and also speed of reverse feed for resetting the machine after the cut is complete. The operator can view the cutting operation through the large window assisted by user lamp. The hood is interlocked and will stop operation when hood is lifted. A magnetic cleaning gun is available maintain the cleanliness of the machine, the coolant drain is located at the front of the machine with filter to collect cutting debris for improved cleaning function.

The PreciCut 5000 abrasive cutting machine is bench mounted offering easy installation, powered by single  with low voltage control circuit.  The overall package is very well designed with a compact footprint and floor standing cabinet to house tools, cutting wheels and the coolant re-circulation tank.

Full training and support is offered from Spectrographic to ensure complete customer satisfaction in selecting the correct machine and installation with full training.

Spectrographic offer a full range of equipment for materials testing and would be pleased to help with your requirements.

As well as supplying a comprehensive range of new and refurbished metallography equipment and consumables, Spectrographic also has a specialist team of technicians. We offer diagnosis, servicing, training and generally an option to ensure the efficient operation of your equipment. Our servicing and support can be tailored to your individual needs by arranging a visit when and where is the most convenient to you.

Such equipment and machinery generally requires a yearly service in order to maximise accuracy, efficiency, quality and also longevity in lifespan. Our servicing encompasses checking of the machines functions, cleaning, adjustment of all mechanical, electrical, pneumatics and hydraulics, as well as the replacement of required wear parts and software updates. Finally, as well as offering tailored service plans, we issue a compliance certificate as well as a full service report for your internal quality records.

The service and support element of Spectrographic is something we are excited to see growing. By ensuring prolonged customer satisfaction, this service and support gives you, our customers, a go-to and, not only does it install confidence in the product you have purchased, but also confidence in us as a company. We also enjoy the troubleshooting which has resulted in a mutual positive between our customers and ourselves. It is important to understand that Spectrographic are here as a metallurgical support unit as well as a supplier.

PreciCut 5000 Specification Sheet

Metallurgical Precision cutter for precise sectioning of test samples using abrasive cutting wheels and diamond cutting wheels. High precision cutting with external re-circulation tank to reduce maintenance.

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