Olympus SZ6045 Microscope

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Olympus Stereo Zoom 6045 inspection microscope offering a magnification range upto 63x.  The microscope package includes long arm stand and fibre optic illumination with twin swans.

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This series olympus microscopes delivers sharp, high-contrast Images and an excellent zoom range of 6 3.1 that guarantees observation of exceptionally high resolution images throughout a wide magnification range. I00mm working distance simplifies observation deep into the specimen, making it perfect for industrial inspection and for mounting on-devices.

Stock Code: 940-024

  • Zoom: 1 – 6.3
  • 10x Objective
  • 9SWH 10x/22 Eyepiece
  • Long Arm Stand
  • Highlight Fibre optic illuminator

The olympus SZ6045 can be configured for many inspection applications and we are pleased to specify this microscope and accessories for your requirements.

Description SZ3060 SZ4045 SZ6045 SZ1145
Microscope Body Magnification 0.9 – 4x 0.67 – 4x 1 – 6.3x 1.8 – 11x
Zoom Ratio 4.4 6 6.3 6.1
Working Distance 110 mm 110 mm 100 mm 73 mm
Observation tube inclination 60 45 45 45
lnterpupillary distance adjustment Right and left tubes interlocked

Adjustment range: 50- 76 mm lwith GSWH10X

Diopter adjustment Provided on one eyepiece tube only Provided on both eyepiece tubes
Zoom driver Diopter adjustment range: ± 5 m · (per meter) Horizontal axial drive control knobs
Eyepiece GSWH10x Field number (F.N.) 22, <t,24 mm micrometer mountable
Micoscope body mount Fit into mounting port with inner, diamete, of 76 mm
Focusing Rack-and-pinion drive on ball bearing guides, knob rotation

tension adjustment, focusing range: 120 mm

  • Microscope Inspection
  • Failure examination.
  • Quality inspection of printed circuit boards.

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Olympus SZ series user manual

(1) As the microscope is a piece of precision equipment, always handle with care, avoiding abrupt movement or impact during transportation or operation of controls.
(21 Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, high temperature and humdity, dust and vibration.
(3) Avoid leaving dirt or fingerprints on the lens surfaces, as a dirty mirror or lenses may reduce Image clarltv.
(4) Never turn the right and left zoom control knobs in opposite directions, as malfunction may result.
Care and Storage
1 ) Clean all glass components by wiping gently with a  gauze. To remove fingerprints or smudges, wipe with gauze slightly  a mixture of ether (70%) and alcohol (30%).
A Since solvents such as ether and alcohol are highly flammable, they must be handled carefully. Be sure to keep these chemicals away from open flames or potential sources of electrical sparks – for example, electrical equipment that is being switched on or off.
Also remember to always use these chemicals only in a well-ventilated room.
(3) Never attempt to disassemble the microscope as decreased performance may result
14) When not in use, be sure to cover the microscope with the dust cover provided, and store in an area free from moisture to prevent rust.

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