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Spectrographic launch SpectroCare: Proactive servicing, Continued support, and Equipment Refurbishment

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‘With tightening budgets and increased uncertainty, Spectrographic are launching a new system to actively aid companies in this changing environment. SpectroCare is a comprehensive metallurgical support unit that is tailored to, and provides for a wide range of operations varying in both size and complexity.’

2016; the year of political, social, and economic controversy. 2017; the year of uncertainty, change, and caution? As if Brexit had not sparked enough uncertainty, now with a Donald Trump President-elect, economic, political and social apprehension are all foregone conclusions. Broadly speaking, these developments will ultimately instil caution in both individuals and businesses, sparking a potential downturn that impends to become self-reinforcing. Spectrographic are launching a new and unique umbrella support system that counteracts the implications of these changes for the metallurgy and material testing and preparation industries. SpectroCare is a comprehensive metallurgical support unit that provides an umbrella of services such as; refurbishment, training and installation, and proactive service plans.

Spectrographic relies on its reputation built on three pillars; quality, value and continued support. With the changing macro environment, it is becoming more and more evident that the importance of continued support is vital. Several recent studies have highlighted the economic benefits of proactive servicing and maintenance compared with reactive. SpectroCare is an all-encompassing offering that can provide tailored and also tiered degrees of aftersales care that such operations require, therefore this support system acts as a harness to maintain and increase uptime and quality.

With the international political and economic environment transforming, the engineering industry is revealing a trade-off in purchasing decision-making. Quality and uptime are two vital components within the sector, therefore managers, engineers and general decision-makers are faced with the paradox of reduced funds, yet maintaining improving output and results. Therefore, a triad is revealed of contrasting strategies that firms can take in order to take the most successful route to ride this wave of uncertainty. This triad involves the trade-off between refurbishment, servicing, and purchasing brand new equipment.

SpectroCare is essentially a concept that realizes a recognition of this triad by way of providing a service that extends expertise, and performance of existing equipment. SpectroCare consists of a highly regarded refurbishment team that can provide a unique utility, whereby operations can avoid laying out large funds on new equipment by holistically overhauling current equipment. Loan equipment and incremental refurbishment means that SpectroCare can offer refurbishment solutions for operations of any size without halting or stalling productivity.

Managing director, Paul Chippendale, described this new offering; ‘the service and support element of Spectrographic is something we are excited to see growing. By ensuring prolonged customer satisfaction, the SpectroCare service and support offering gives our customers a go-to. We enjoy the troubleshooting which has resulted in a mutual positive between our customers and ourselves. It is important to get this message out there that Spectrographic are here as a metallurgical support unit as well as a supplier.’