Maintenance Procedure For A Metallurigical Microscope


Maintenance Procedure For A Metallurigical Microscope

Maintenance Procedure

1. Remove from power source.
2. Remove lamp housing (when cold)
3. Remove all objective lenses and eyepieces.
4. Remove binocular/trinocular head.
5. Remove epi illuminating tube.
6. Remove any stage clip device(s)

Microscope to be wiped down with lint free cloth and IMS (industrial methylated spirits)
With microscope still removed from power supply, remove base cover.
Carry out visual inspection of electrical components, blow off any excess dust build up.
From the same inspection point, carry out inspection of the mechanics of the course/fine focus mechanism, lubricate where necessary.Replace cover. Clean objective lenses with IMS and lint free paper on cover (outer) lens only, this method only to be used on the inner lens if there is contamination. Blowing out the inner lens with air duster will suffice.

Using same method with IMS and lint free paper, clean both eyepieces, both top and bottom lenses.
Inspect epi illuminating tube and clean lenses and reflecting surfaces with lens polishing cloth, check iris mechanisms, replace tube. Replace all objective lenses in correct order as they were taken off (ascending/descending). Replace binocular/trinocular head. Replace and stage clips removed. Replace lamp housing having first inspected the condition of the lamp.

Power up microscope and check for;
1) Alignment of lamJT, adjust where necessary.
2) Alignment of field iris and iris diaphragm, adjust where necessary.

Consumables used in cleaning/maintenance procedure;
IMS-Industrial Methylated Spirit B.P.66 OP. Ambersil Air Duster. Toray lens polishing cloth. Whatman lint free lens paper tissue. Loctite Superlube synthetic lubricant, Starrett Instrument oil.

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