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Newsonic GMBH

Launching an exciting new portable hardness tester

Spectrographic has joined forces with the German based company NewSonic GmbH to launch an exciting new portable hardness tester.

Spectrographic is the sole UK distributor of NewSonic Products and is working with the company to offer technical and application advice about hardness testing to customers nationwide. The partnership involves working with the German based company – specialists in non-destructive hardness testing, to launch an exciting new portable hardness tester into the UK market.

The launch of the SonoDur Portable Hardness Tester follows increasing requests worldwide for an effective and reliable portable hardness testing system with Vickers output. Compared to other systems, the SonoDur provides extremely precise results, in line with those expected from laboratory systems. Based on mobile technology, the SonoDur comes with instrument software and a range of measurement probes for different applications.

This progressive portable hardness testing system is being used to test alloy steels used in the manufacture of components that are subjected to high loads, for example in automobiles, ships, windmills, heat treatment and surface treatment shops. Applications include welding on heat affected zones, surface hardening such as nitriding and carbonisation, and cladding methods using chrome, copper, nickel or zinc.

The product is the latest addition to NewSonic’s innovative range of SonoDur instrumentation, which uses ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI). The UCI method relies on compact portable equipment and is designed for testing the hardness of most metals and industrial ceramics. The technology is helping engineers in the material sciences industry, production and quality control to check surface hardening and understand the basic mechanical properties of metals.

“NewSonic’s portable hardness tester is extremely versatile and can be used in many different applications that support Vickers HV between 10 HV and 3,000 HV. The product is aimed at organisations conducting daily hardness tests in a production environment. It is increasingly being used in specialist industries such as ship building, mining and steel works.” Paul Chippendale, Managing Director, Spectrographic

This extremely versatile piece of equipment works with accumulators, with no need to replace batteries. It is estimated that the product’s operating time is up to five times longer than other hardness testers of this type, making it highly efficient and good value for money. The calibration process is also easy to undertake and designed so that all users can conduct calibrations when required.

The SonoDur covers a load range from 1 – 10 kgf (10 – 100 N). It is designed for testing the hardness of large and heavy material parts, on complex shapes, thin samples to a minimum thickness of 1.5mm, and on installed components in machines. The tester is ideal for use in remote environments and where hardness testing needs to be carried out on site.

Measurement data is transferred to PC in two formats – the unchangeable original measurement and a text file for test protocols in Excel, Word and other office documents. The original data can only be read by a SonoDur-Instrument, which is an important feature for quality audits.

Spectrographic will be hosting a series of application workshops to promote a new portable hardness tester manufactured by NewSonic. For further details and to register your interest please contact Spectrographic.

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