Micrograph Competition

Spectrographic asked our lovely customers to send us their best micrographs.
Here are some of best we have seen.
Well done!

Send yours to sales@spectrographic.co.uk to be in with a chance of being on our next blog

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Magnetite Crystals - S Woodward - Axiom

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Ferritic Grade Ductile Iron - Chelsea Gibbons - Vanguard

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1. Using the microscope, examine the specimen by eye and select the area of interest and magnification required.

2. Increase the light source to maximum intensity.

3. Hold the camera lens against the microscope eyepiece. A rubber cup over the eyepiece helps to hold the camera steady. A small circle of light will be seen on the camera's LCD screen.

4. Use the camera's zoom function to increase the size of the circle as required. The most difficult step is moving the camera lens small distances across the eyepiece to centre the circle. The camera's auto-focus should then self-adjust to give a clear image.

5. Adjust the fine focus of the microscope to maximise image clarity.

6. If the image is too dark or grainy, the camera's ISO setting should be increased (usually 100 or 200 will suffice) or the “darkness” or “night time” setting selected, depending on the model of camera. Note that generally, the higher the ISO, the more difficult it is to obtain a clear image.

7. While holding the camera very still, a photograph can be taken, and the image can be examined to see if it is satisfactory. Excessive blur from camera shake can be minimised using a remote control, by attaching the camera to the microscope using sticky tape or bungee cords or by constructing a frame to hold the camera in place.

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Electronic Connector Aluminium Crimp around Silver Plated Copper - A Scarratt - Hardide

A micrograph or photomicrograph is a photograph or digital image taken through a microscope or similar device to show a magnified image of an object.
This is opposed to a macrograph or photomacrograph, an image which is also taken on a microscope but is only slightly magnified, usually less than 10 times.

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Copper - Shahid Mehmood - Murghal Materials

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SCC - S Woodward - Axiom

We love seeing your Micrographs!