Silicon carbide (SiC) abrasive paper discs SiC abrasive paper discs are available in plain backed and adhesive backed offering premium quality grinding of metallurgical samples, using a range of grits sizes . The introduction of the grit fix and gek fix system, which uses plain backed papers, offers a strong economical advantage for manual and automatic grinding.  Plain backed discs are designed to be retained on the platen with an edge clip or additional adhesive system. The diameter is oversized so that the clip has sufficient material to clamp. Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backed discs Peeling the backing of these discs leaves an adhesive surface which sticks firmly to the platen. The polymer backing film can be retained on the disc and is attracted to the PullFix support (Reflex, Gekko). High quality wet abrasive grinding paper discs using advance electrostatic application of silicon carbide abrasive with strict particle size compliance for consistent grinding and stock removal of samples prior to polishing.  The grinding paper grit sizes used in this catalogue follow the European P grit system. In most cases this is translatable to US or Japanese grit sizes using the table below. Note: this chart has been simplified for comparison purposes.

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