To ensure the satisfactory performance of a welded structure, the quality of the weld must be determined by adequate testing procedures. Weldcheck allows you to quickly measure your welding cross sections for fillet areas, throat, leg lengths and penetration. Percentage penetration is calculated automatically. The results are compared to the specifications and reported respectively. Precise measurement systems, offering is needed and expected by QC-FA welding professionals; ensuring quick and reliable measurement with 100% accuracy and reproducibility. The results are presented in the report generator module with the original image, lines in different colors and the results in tabular form. The results can be reported based on a specific standard using the “Report tool” module. This also allows to obtain a passed/failed automatic decision based on predefined acceptance criterion. The measurement remains unaffected even if the image is zoomed for better accuracy. The magnifier tool is also available which can be switched on any part of the image. Important measurement includes distance from the root of the fillet (throat), the distance from the root of the joint to junction between exposed surface of the weld (leg), the angle, root penetration and penetration percentage. For similar type of measurement other tools are available to calculate angles, circle or arc radius, area etc. Different line from throat leg, penetration, thickness and angles acquire different colours automatically.

Microscope upgrade for Vickers Pedestal Hardness Tester. Spectrographic introduced digital, high performance optical microscope with automatic computer based measurements. This system offers conformance of a Vickers pedestal at low loads in accordance with ASTM E19 & ISO6507-2 by improving optical resolution and measurement accuracy. Software available: Manual or Automatic measure.

With this device, the user will be able to measure the hardness of both a large products with a rough surface and a small samples of complex shape and with a thin wall. This modification of the device has all functions for working with various materials and scales, which makes it an optimal device for non-destructive testing of metal hardness.



The Polyvar optical system produces accurate images of extremely large object fields. The objectives are plan achromates and plan fluorites for infinite tube lengths and have a high brilliance, resolution and flatness of field. The Polyvar Met is a research microscope capable of a wide range of incident and transmitted light techniques.

 The MetCut 330 uses a 300mm cutting wheel to cut 80mm x 200mm sections. The MetCut 330 large capacity metallurgical abrasive cutting machine, offering metallurgical sectioning¬†with chopping action and manual linear feed for the sectioning of samples upto 80mm diameter and 200mm length with a 300mm cutting wheel. The system is complete with twin vices for sample fixturing and coolant recirculation system to ensure a cool and burn free cut. The MetCut range of abrasive cutting machines are used for metallurgical high quality cutting of quality inspection samples for automotive and aerospace applications for the inspection of advanced coatings and weld samples. MetCut machines are available with 250mm cutting wheels upto 500 mm cutting wheels with specials available to suit all possible applications.

LAB-BYTES FTC-D150A PRECISION CUTTER The machine automatically cuts a sensitive sample precisely. For electronic materials, ceramics, various metals, rocks … It is possible to control the revolution load of the cutter by load lever. Precision sectioning machine very easy to use. The machine can be used with standard diamond blades or boron cubic nitride for iron, cobalt alloys, nickel, lead and superalloys blades.

Can be viewed with up to 8 wireless mobile devices and also plugged into a computer or tv via HDMI simultaneously

Smartphone hardness testers - novotest
Now you can connect UCI hardness tester NOVOTEST T-U3 with Bluetooth to a smartphone running Android and move to a new level of usability of hardness testers! All functions of the device (measurement, calibration, archiving, setting, etc.) are available in the application, as well as innovative principles of protocoling results, transferring and storing archives, an intuitive interface, a large touch screen, the Internet – all this is now available when using a NOVOTEST hardness tester… Functions that are not available in any hardness tester in the world!

PCB inspection microscope BS1080
Advanced HD Digital Zoom microscope adopts apochromatic parallel optical imaging system and provides high resolution and sharp stereoscopic images. The camera system offers HDMI, WIFI outputs. The camera can take images, videos and make calibrated measurement, it can work without PC. This microscope has been designed for application in the fields of industrial inspection and scientific research. Modularisation product portfolio and excellent performance make this a better choice in these areas.

Mecatech Polishing Machine
300 SPS is equipped with a Ø 250 to 300 mm platen / 8 pistons / individual and central pressure. It has the most advanced technologies. The MECATECH range allows both manual and automatic use. Thanks to a motor power from 750W to 1500W, the entire PRESI experience is condensed in this most complete range on the market. Whatever the size or the number of samples, MECATECH guarantees an optimal polishing. With its affirmed style and edged lines, this new range is distinguished by its new design with an easily recognizable sleek and refined carbon look. The sweeping movement of the MECATECH 300 SPS polishing head optimizes the use of consumables and improves samples flatness. This machine also improves productivity by increasing the capacity of the polishing head from 6 to 8 samples.

Brinell Hardness Indentation Measure System

Handheld microscope and easy to use software is perfect for measuring your Brinell indent. Accurate results that can easily be exported to your preferred file format. 


Wide range of Microscope cameras for sale...get in touch sales@spectrographic.co.uk


For all things Hardness Testing, calibration, certified test blocks/indenters and software, we have solutions to making you conform.


Here is our solution for educational microscopy. A dynamic 5K WIFI microscope system for interaction with students and businesses alike. Easy to set up, interact with students via on screen analysis and easy to save results. High speed data transmission.


❤Focusing Methods - Automatic operation (by integrated auto-reading software) /Manual operation (by motorised positioning system)

❤Turret Rotation - Automatic-motorised (by integrated auto-reading software)

❤Measurement of indentation - Automatic reading/manual reading (by integrated auto-reading software)

❤Camera - Automatic measurement by Built-in Type 1.3Mpixel / 5Mpixel (optional)

❤Safety Device - Protection cover on turret for indenter and each objective lens


Mini video on sectioning a Cylinder head.

We can help you with sectioning of many materials and parts. Get in touch to see how we can support your materials analysis.


Spectrographic can help with your carbide rod cutting.

✔Cutting capacity up to 40mm
✔Cutting action - automatic Z movement
✔Pre set programmes up to 25 programmes.


Metallurgical abrasive cutting machine for section of samples such as welds and laboratory test pieces. The MetCut 300 metallurgical abrasive cutter uses a 250mm abrasive wheel and can cut samples upto 70mm diameter. The machine is available with the option of recirculation tank and vice options.

Machine is available as a bench top unit or with full floor standing base unit.

 Stella Force

4K HDMI image capture, microscope system with auto focus.

Compelling features
-Magnification range1.65×-1050×
-Image stacking
-Image stitching
-Full suite of image analysis features
-LCD Screen & stream to PC for ease of data management
- 3D image capture available. .


Simple to use, Can last for years, Can be replenished by washing, Perfect for holding grinding papers, Use on auto and manual polishing machine, Available for all current machine, Integrates with magnetic systems 

Cost effective – saving £1000’s, Total saving for year with small usage. £3,120.00.
Paper holding clips – not required, Spray glue – not required,
Adhesive PSA backed papers - not required.
Your lab may be using PSA grinding papers, you may be using 4 grit sizes of 300/305mm, You may be using 1 pack of each per month.
Cost for PSA papers per annum £4,368.00
Cost for NA papers per annum £1,248.00
The GekFix costs £40.