Training Courses

Courses Available

Introduction to Metals


Course Content

- Ferrous Metals (focus)

- Non Ferrous Metals (overview)


Introduction to steel making and casting


Course Content

- Basic oxygen steel making

- Electric arc furnace

- Secondary steel making

- Casting

Introduction to steel metallurgy


Course Content

- What is steel

- Steel Micro-structures

- Effect of alloying addition and strengthening mechanisms




Course Content

- Overview of joining process

- Brazing (overview and metallurgy)

- Fusion welding (overview of MIG and TIG), Welding metallurgy, Microstructure and HAZ, Alloy effect on HAZ and Welding defects

Steel Processing


Course Content

- Rolling

- Forging

Heat Treatment of Steel


Course Content

 - Types of heat treatment

- Hardenability and effects of cooling rates

- Structure and properties

Tensile Testing


Course Content

- Tensile testing methodology

- Structural and mechanical properties

- Reporting and data management

Hardness Testing


Course Content

- How Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness tests are preformed

- Sample preparation and testing

- Reporting and data management