Spectrographic offers a complete range of easy-to-use diamond grinding pads for various fine grinding applications, replacing conventional SiC paper. APOLLO-S is a self-sharpening, grinding disc for flat and fine grinding applications. Precision graded diamond and optimised grit concentration lead to short process times, flat surfaces and superior edge sharpness. SQUADRO diamond grinding pads consist of micron diamond abrasives embedded in a structured matrix of high-performance polymers. The resin structures are mounted on a textile base, which absorbs vibrations and thus improves surface quality.  The Irino is a  composite polishing pad is closing the gap between lapping on metal plates and polishing on pads. It is to be combined with diamond slurries and allows for high surgace qualities and impressive stock removal rates at the same time. IRINO-F is steel resin hard bonding, IRINO-C is copper resin medium-hard bonding and IRINO-S is tin resin soft bonding. The Cubic system offers diamond grinding discs which are prepared with dots of diamond abrasive for stock removal and finishing, ideal for very hard materials like glass and ceramics. This products comes with a PSA backing and can be adapted for magnetic system.

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